How Expensive is Hanoi?

We walk you through our expenses for one day in Hanoi, Vietnam! Learn how much a hotel will cost in the famed Old Quarter, the price for water, and other essential expenses!


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8 thoughts on “How Expensive is Hanoi?

  1. Wow, Hanoi is one most the advanced cities in Vietnam but looks far less advanced than some of the small town cities in China. You guys seem doing better in Vietnam than you are in China.

  2. You have Tmobile as carrier and didn't bother to remove the sim card out while u were there. Wait until you get the bill from tmobile.

  3. When I was in Hanoi for a week, I stayed at a BnB next to Turtle Lake and that's where I went and in the evening, I walked to the Old Quarter. Didn't even venture out of those 2 areas since there was so much to see & do there.

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