How Does the Keto Diet Affect Cholesterol?

Misconceptions about cholesterol on the ketogenic diet explained by Dr. Boz.

Watch and learn why you DO NOT need to fear cholesterol and what you DO need to be concerned about instead.


This is a clip from Keto Consults with Dr. Boz:

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2) “Doc, what can I have while fasting?”

Salt and water is the best.
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Black coffee is okay during a fast.
Bone broth is alright.


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37 thoughts on “How Does the Keto Diet Affect Cholesterol?

  1. In Oct 2018 I had a heart attack. My blood sugar when measured at the time in the er, was 290. I had 2 stents at 100 percent blockage. I was eating the standard American diet. Since Oct I have been on the keto diet. Fast forward I have lost 12 poundw. My trig went from 182 to 101: My tc was 246 it has gone up to 384: ldl was 166 now 306: hdl was 44 now 58. My blood sugar in the mornings now I'm seeing 140 and lower. I took myself off of statins but now they want me on pcsk9 inhibitor which I'm not sure. I started d3 along with k2, vit c. Can you give me any advice in how I'm heading. I actually feel real good.

  2. Should I stop taking my statin meds now that I’ve been on Keto for 6 months? I’ve lost 30 pounds and feel better everyday but have always struggled with high cholestreol?

  3. She is 100% wrong! There are hundreds of pages of data that show particle count is indicative of elevated risk for CHD!
    She is right that the largest predictor is diabetes (hyper insulinemia). But absent LDL-C there is NO heart disease.
    Is cholesterol the end o the story? No. But her suggestion that you can simply ignore it is nonsense.
    “Those casings are called cholesterol”? Sorry, NO they are not! They are called lipoproteins! And when you eat fat, it’s carried into the body by chylomicrons, chylomicrons last minutes and unless you’re metabolically deranged are not measured in a standard lipid panel as you’re fasted.

  4. My endocrinologist got angry when I wanted to start the diet said that he went to school to study medicine not nutrition. I don't have his support I don't know who to go to I'm still having very high blood pressure after doing Keto for 5 months which strangely it gets really low and I end up backing off of my medication but then all of a sudden it'll Spike and be really high for a few weeks then it'll start coming down again. Sometimes at night my heart rate will be so high that it wakes me because I feel it racing I have set up and tested it with a blood pressure cuff and had a heart rate of 100 waking up from a sleep. And I'm 50 so I'm guessing that's high I listen to all your YouTube videos and I'm learning this could be alarming but I don't know who to go see

  5. I wish we lived in the same town, Dr. Boz! I have VA physician who is hung on the cholesterol bandwagon and is talking about prescribing a statin drug to lower my cholesterol even more! I can already tell my cholesterol is so low that my serum testosterone has been affected! I don't know what to do!

  6. Dr. Boz. Jerilyn here from Deadwood, SD – this shows my recent lipid panel. In 2018 I was on statins and I am not longer on them since September 2018. I have been doing Keto since August 2018. What do you think? Should I come over for a Dr. visit? My Dr. wants me to go back on meds. I asked her to wait two months and she said ok. What exact tests should I ask for? I just turned 65 and have lost 35# since August 2018. I am at a standstill and want to lose 10 more pounds also. Thank you so so much.
    LIPID PANEL – Past Results

    Standard Range 1/11/18 6/27/18 3/26/19

    0 – 199 mg/dL 230 315 334

    Fasting? Yes Yes

    >=40 mg/dL 46 46 49

    LDL Calculated
    20 – 99 mg/dL 135 208 251

    <=149 mg/dL 245 304 168

  7. Question: If a blood test taken after having the flu and a 7 lbs weight loss could the Triglycerides spike 3x from the previous test all due to the body fighting off an infection and the release of fatty acids from the weight lose ?

  8. My testimaonial/personal experience: Before IF and reducing my carbs and sugars: 06/2010: HDL-39, LDL-124, Tri-157: 10/2018: HDL-43, LDL-107, Tri-189. After I started my IF journey first week of December 2018 and have lost 32lbs: HDL-58! Woohoo!, LDL-127(not sure why but the ratio is down to 2.19!), Tri-76!!! (cut in half+ and ratio is 3.45!) Thanks to you and all the other IF/Keto warriors out there!

  9. Dr. Boz – can you please post a link to the studies or abstracts … my Mom looks at me with a wary eye when I talk to her about cholesterol.

  10. Dr. Boz, I have been watching your channel for a while and very much appreciate the info; I hope you don.t mind me asking this – you mentionned HDL/TG ratio, and I know it.s right the opposite, TG/HDL, which in this case, even if HDL is perfect, the ratio is quite high, due to high TG…did I get you wrong? Thank you for taking time to answer <3

  11. If you want the opinion about the cholesterol debate of a top research cardiologist and keto advocate Dr. Ethan Weiss read this;

  12. Hmmm….the VA is now telling us (at the Omaha VA anyway) that we no longer need to fast for labs. I've always fasted and will continue to do so. Maybe they just want to get more Vets on statins, I don't know. Seems very odd to me. What do you think Dr. Boswell? Wonder if the Sioux Falls VA is telling the Vets not to fast for labs anymore, too?

  13. Not driving on Saturday will reduce your heart attack risk and increase longevity to those of the Blue Zones.
    The 7th Day Adventists do this and they are the only Blue Zone in the USA. Rosa Linda California is where they are the majority of the population. So it is just science…. It is not subject to debate or analysis… The research shows this…

  14. If I remember correctly, Dave Feldman suggested a fast of about 16 hours pre-blood draw for Trig numbers to show realistic values. Anything less and your system may still be carrying higher numbers which will give less than a true picture of health. Hope I got this right. Enjoy all of your vids and info Doc!!

  15. What is the name of this study so I can throw it in the face of my Doctor if my Cholesterol is up for my next visit. I did tell my Doctor that I was quitting statins.

  16. My total cholesterol = 350 and My LDL = 250. Sounds scary right? No, my HDL = 97 and my triglycerides = 34! I’ve been Keto for 14 months now and mostly carnivore the last 6 months. 2 weeks ago had the CAC scan done. Score = 0.00. I think we are starving our bodies of the cholesterol it needs by using cholesterol drugs. In my opinion, I think that these drugs will be linked to the explosion in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. High total cholesterol and LDL are associated with longevity! Just like the 60 year experimental SAD diet, we will find out that we got it all wrong about cholesterol. It will take years if not decades for our current medical system to walk it back.

  17. Hard to believe no one said to fast before labs done??? I just went for well women's check… They mentioned "did you fast" constantly… Wouldn't do the draw if I hadn't fasted.

  18. So my triglycerides have gradually been climbing since I've been on keto. The first test while on keto went down to 90's second time mid 200's the last time it was over 400. Right away my doctor's PA started talking to me about how much meat I eat. My A1C is now down below 6 and between 35 and 40 lbs lost but the triglycerides haven't been tested in about 6 months and then he. (Because I can't afford insurance right now). Any suggestions?

  19. I would like you talk more about maintenance Keto lifestyle for ever, when include sometimes 2 times per week a little bit of complex carbs. Thank you

  20. Mine has gone down. If KETO kills me at least I will look better and be lighter in my coffin. I will die from being persecuted for my Faith in Christ in America than before KETO . Great Video !!!

  21. Started Keto 4 months ago. Had 230 cholesterol before. Now 200, and HDL 85. Feel great. Vitamin B12 850, D3 65, all lab work was amazing…

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