Honeywell T9 Review: which is best, T9 or Nest?

Watch this before buying Honeywell T9 or Nest! If you are comparing them, this review goes over what you need to know about each thermostat and their room sensors.

There are some really awesome things you can do with the new Honeywell T9 and its sensors to monitor different areas of your home. But each thermostat has its pros and cons, and we’ll go into the key details as we review the Honeywell T9.

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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver received samples of the Honeywell T9, its room sensors, and Nest 3rd gen for unbiased, non-sponsored reviews. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.


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32 thoughts on “Honeywell T9 Review: which is best, T9 or Nest?

  1. My ? Is what's to point to this? Because if u want ur Master bedroom 75° and ur family room 78° ur whole house ac will run till the master hits 75° in turn making the entire house 75° correct? It doesn't stop the ac air flow to my family room at 78..

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but I have a Sensi by Emerson (non-touch screen). Its very basic but does support IFTTT, ST, and Alexa. My only issue with it has been the wifi connection drops sometimes, but an update last year seem to fix that. With the Sensi you can set the temp off-set by as much as 5 degrees (i think). So you can have it start AC 1-5 degrees above set temp and turn off 1-5 degrees below set temp. This is true for heat and AC.

  3. How does the T9 control the temperature for a single room? I understand there are sensors you can place in different rooms, but won't it just turn the AC or heat on for the whole house?

  4. Since Ecobee is not an option in Europe this looks promising. I use a SmartThings hub for my smart home, so integrations seems ok. That geofencing thing bothers me, though. I guess every family member should have the app running for it to work properly. Maybe you could explain this more in detail in another video?

  5. I've had a Nest for about 6 years and it works just great. But with Google making changes I think I'm done with Nest. I absolutely hate Google with a passion and only tolerate them when I have to. I'll be looking at the T9 and Ecobee for my next thermostat.

  6. So you are saying there is no way to customize the amount of swing on either the Nest or the T9? If so, that's quite an oversight on their part. Ecobee let's you customize the precise about of swing you want by half degree increments. While nest is right that less frequent activations puts less wear on your system, thats a large swing, and T9 keeping temp precisely is nice but bad for wear and the electric bills. Ecobee let's you choose a happy compromise of your choice. Even my old $70 2005 thermostat let me set the amount of swing and I wouldnt even consider one without it.

  7. Nice review. Could you put a remote T9 sensor in an entry way and have motion take the HVAC out of Away Mode without prioritizing that sensor for temperature?

  8. I’ve had my eye on this thermostat. IF they ever add HomeKit integration, it looks like a good competitor to the Ecobee with the room sensors and all.

  9. I have a Trane Furnace which basically has a multi speed fan and variable/multiple burn levels. and so it stays on longer and keeps the temperature very steady and gets a very steady circulation of air around the house and makes every corner of the house have the same temp.

    So the question is…. is there a compatible thermostat that i can connect to smart things or Google home for my Furnace?

  10. I have a Lennox HVAC system. It's a 4-wire proprietary system, so you cannot change out the thermostat with anything else. There is a way to rewire the compressor unit to accept a standard thermostat, but you lose all the program ability features to be able to change the RPM of the motors the airflow, low-level diagnostic, etc.

  11. I'm assuming you just have one zone in your home? We have 2 HVAC systems, and I'm curious if they setup the app to have multiple thermostats work with assigned sensors this way.

  12. I read your comparison of the echobee4 vs the Honeywell T9. The echobee main unit and the extra sensors are cheaper on Amazon than the Honeywells, which is contrary to the article. Would you still say the Honeywell is the overall winner?

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