High Cholesterol And Heart Disease | The Truth Exposed

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High Cholesterol And Heart Disease | The Truth Exposed is a video that teaches on the truth behind what really cause heart disease.

High cholesterol and heart disease myth or truth is a topic that many people ask us about because there is so much misinformation on the issue. Unfortunately most of the studies that push the high cholesterol as the cause heart disease were very flawed but most health care professionals have hung their hat on this.

Does High Cholesterol cause heart attacks is worth exploring because it is a myth and has been a known myth for quite sometime but yet it is still accepted as the norm. Study after study disproves that cholesterol cause heart attacks. So even if this is something you wanted to believe in, if you are well read on the research you would keep running into the problem of nothing adding up. Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong and in this case I believe it’s dead wrong.

So why is this misinformation pushed so heavily still today? Maybe because the cholesterol medication industry is a 30 billion dollar a year industry? Maybe because the loss of this false ideology is too costly? Maybe because doctors are not staying up to date on research? Or maybe it’s everything combined.

Does high cholesterol cause heart disease is now a question that is answered for the folks on my channel. I hope that you share this information with your friends so that they can know the truth about cholesterol and the real cause of heart disease. The cholesterol myth hopefully will soon be widely known by more people so more people can experience true health and wellbeing.


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35 thoughts on “High Cholesterol And Heart Disease | The Truth Exposed

  1. Chronic High Cholesterol is what caused my painful gallstones. No one told me that constant high cholesterol can cause gallstones.

  2. I'm not able to parse those studies and find the same conclusion from the data that the diets didn't change cholesterol, perhaps you could do a separate video parsing the exact data and text that supports that conclusion.

    My brother is on a statin and I'm looking to found my conclusion that high LDL cholesterol with a diet of meats and vegetables with a low BMI doesn't necessitate an increase in heart disease, but I'm finding my position difficult to support from mainstream studies (he's a nurse so he'll only accept mainstream studies).

    I'm worried I may have found myself in my own bias hole, but also the amount of noise to sift through is astounding for an amature like me.

    I'm also interested in the health risks of statins.

  3. After having a heart attack at work back in March (due to a 100% blockage of my RCA), I went through taking Lipitor, baby aspirin, a beta blocker, and nitrate. I could not stand the side effects. My blood pressure was too low (IMO), and I couldn't deal with how they made me feel slow & lethargic, and the memory loss. Due to an issue with my birth date keeping me from getting my re-fills at the end of May, I have noticed a tremendous difference in how I feel mentally, and how much less I make mistakes with my work. I will never go back to the meds, and instead I'm concentrating on diet, exercise, and supplements to assist my body with healing itself. I'm also fortunate, that despite the heart attack, my cardiologist says my heart is in great shape; so much so that he doesn't need to see me for a year (instead of 6 months).

  4. I just found out that I have high cholesterol. I am scheduled to see a Nutritionist on Friday. I'm taking back control over my health!

  5. My Doctor said to eat low cholesterol foods and advised me eat margarine instead of butter.
    What are we to do, when one doctor says this is the path to good health and another says no, no, no, do what I say.
    Many of us want to do the right thing but, what is the correct path?

  6. If you want more on this topic read Dr. Bowden "The Great Cholesterol Myth" Same points but Dr. Bowden not only makes a point he cites the studies that this comes from and provided a link to the study. Hard to argue with FACTS

  7. How about someone like me with hypercholesterolemia?  Its a "gift" from my mother.  They tested me and I don't have the common gene, but they still testing (they are months late). My LDL is around 7 (~270), I do intermittent fasting and eating good, excercise each day. My triglyceride is very low and HDL is a bit more than 2.My mother is on statin and her LDL is around 4, my sister is around 7 but her HDL is 4!!There's no young death in my family (and I have a lots of tant and uncles), but my doctor was so freaked out seeing the numbers!!  I didn't want any statin and he send me to a cardiologist specialized in cholesterol, and again she want to put me on statin.  I'm waiting the result of my tests.Don't know what to do, with that much LDL could I be more prone to oxydation…?  I'm 46, 5'9" 140lbs.thanks

  8. USA is a really BAD model…MED:CASH, the problem is studies are financed by PHARMA as meanwhile few independents can afford them, so you get a skewed view, pay as you go citations. Governments should realize funding studies is of LONG term benefit to keeping people fit and paying taxes…LOL Im bored with the whole Chabang…and the wheels on the bus….

  9. If there's no point in measuring the cholesterol levels, there must be a case for quantifying oxidised cholesterol.
    How can one do this?

  10. Smoking is very bad…I watched my father. Who was a once strong and healthy man. Waste away from heart disease caused by smoking. He smoked till his last breath. I will never smoke after watching him decline over the years.

  11. What 50% of people with heart disease have high cholesterol and 50% of people with high cholesterol have heart disease… that’s still a lot. There are other things that cause heart disease so of course not all people with it have high cholesterol.

  12. Dr. Can you advice for keratoconus,,??and what is the required feeding for the cornera to make it stronger

  13. Awesome information and very brave to keep saying the truth – keep up the good work!

  14. Big Pharma is like a plague and statins are their number 1 money maker…Criminal. Fasting IE extended fasts fixes it for free and they don't want people to know that. The side effects of statins are worse than what they supposedly cure

  15. My cholesterol is very high (LDL over 300), but so far all my inflammation markers have been low (crp-hs .39, homocysteine 8, Lpa 10). I'm getting a few more blood tests done soon to check a few more inflammation markers (Lp-PLA2, MARC, MPO, sedimentation rate, and F2 Isoprostanes) recommended by cardiologist Dr Ford Brewer.

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