Happy! Season 2 Episode 4 Review “Blitzkrieg”

Happy! Season 2 Episode 4 Review | Blitzkrieg
Dayglo Doug; Sax, Merry and Happy enter a geriatric death trap.

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3 thoughts on “Happy! Season 2 Episode 4 Review “Blitzkrieg”

  1. I still cant believe this is on TV! I love it but damn it is hard to reccomend. Thank you for your videos brother!

  2. 1. If you mean forcing the dc service as in more for people to pay for then maybe i get your point. If not then i have no clue what you mean. It definitly isnt sjw material even given a few doom patrol eps.
    2. The service might get shut down but that doesnt mean the shows will be cancelled. They might just absorb it all under 1 price for the WB service which will offer way more that the DC service ever could.
    3. You seem to be very misinformed or jumping the gun on the dc service thing. Episodes come out week by week and they havent filmed episodes 8,9, or 10 yet. Also the show comes out more than a month from now, which means that it will have over 2 months for them to rewrite an ending for the show. So to act as if they wont have time is just silly. And again saying the service is done and acting as if the shows are cancelled are two seperate things. You seem to think based on no evidence i might add, that the shows wont continue on the wb streaming service. I would wait and see for more info. Love the channel but dont like the spread of misinformation by speaking as if its true.

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