HAPPY PATCH DAY – 5x Multi-cast #4, Hunter & Beast Review // Total War: Warhammer II Multiplayer


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Thanks to Creative Assembly for making an awesome game, and to Sega and Games Workshop for allowing me to share it with you!

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26 thoughts on “HAPPY PATCH DAY – 5x Multi-cast #4, Hunter & Beast Review // Total War: Warhammer II Multiplayer

  1. Razordons are the units that are behind the main infantry fight hitting the monstrous infantry that are in the infantry fight

  2. Magic is way too effective on the dwarfs. They are supposed to be highly resistant to magic! I don't see it in these games.

  3. In tabletop salamanders has an 18" range and razordons a 24" so if they wanted to keep it consistent razordons should have about 140 range

  4. I have a question. Are Giants Worth it now. Since they had a Price reduction? And does this apply to all giants? Like Giants for the GreenSkins, BeastMen, Chaos, And Norsca, etc.

  5. I liked the kite game from Turin. Makes stuff interesting. I understand you’re not a big fan of playin against it, but really common 2 war mammoths? You think it’s fun playing against that with a melee centric army? 😛

  6. Great plays! Also, what do you think of the current Bastiladons with Solar/Arc/Crystal? Personally I feel they are a bit lackluster. Perhaps they could both turn in a little bit of armor, in exchange for better Physical Resistance? That would help them out a lot against being focused down.

  7. I'd love to see a dwarf ror that can stop charges similarly to how normal spearman, maybe in form of an ability were the dwarfs build a small wall to deny chariots just rushing through

  8. Lizards have a lord for every spot.
    RCSC cheap bvl, AP, or big monster smash.7
    Old blood, bvl AP monster with army buff, cav flank
    KA cheap Ap monster with front line support.
    Slann strong caster lord
    Mazda, slann but slightly better, can be monster
    Ten-in-one combat caster with many roles
    Gor rok non snipe, front line support

    Im not sure nakai will settle. He is expensive and i think that KA will fill his role. But i think
    Nakai =kroak death ball

    Kroq gar and tiqtaq are homeless
    OB can do everything kroq can cheaper will better items.
    Tiqtaq is so niche and the lizards just dont have the units to fill that niche.

  9. Finally, the great lizard slaughter is at an end! (only joking, still love your content man)
    On the razordons, I have (anecdotally) noticed something about 'shotgun units'. I think they do have a tiny niche: against multi unit flyers. You notice when they shoot their bullets/frag/spikes/whatever, they go out in a spray? When those shots are against ground troops, some of the spray will go over the tops of the unit models, so there's a case of wasted value per shot. But against flyers, the shots are all going into the unit, especially at closer range, so they tend to inflict a bit more damage (plus most flyers have low armour). So there might be a tiny place for shotgun units as a flak battery. Too small a niche to justify in a lot of cases obviously, but maybe something to think about.

  10. I think the razordons need the same range as salamanders to be more competitive. Thats the first improvemente i would make, then razordons could have a little more damage or maybe the same damage as now but with the same speed debuff skaven ratling guns have. I dont think giving the razordons the same range as salamanders and missiles with a speed debuff is op. Righ now the poor razordons are pretty underwhelming.

  11. Wow…that Empire vs LM where you forgot about your cav was a really good battle.  It worked out well that you forgot about them as they timing of their arrival was perfect…..as you stated, no infantry to impede them.  And the dread saurian didn't die!!  So amazing!

  12. The thing is, ranged combat is just superior, the lizards will always struggle against it without more missile resistance tools like the legion of chocolates.

  13. lol, I know I am one of those who is crying for LM victories but tell us the truth, they suck or not?  Well, you showed us….razordons are a complete and total waste.  The only thing they are good at is being the worst unit in the game?

  14. Dahv, a question on your cinematic views.  I am showing my grandson this game and he loves the animations.  Do you use an ingame video capture to create your videos?  I want to set up battle where the lizardment stomp through humans but don't know if I need to zoom into the fighting while recording or if you can move the camera around after the fight has been recorded?

  15. The Hunter and the Beast DLC
    Other TW Casters: Oh, wow, look at Nakai and the dread Saurian, such animations, such weapon strength, such ooh, such aah…


  16. Wowww, still going Dahv? Appreciate all your hard work recently…DLC's are hard work not just for Devs but CC's too.
    Rest up and your voice man, Epic casts! Great seeing you with other YT's. Cheers 👍

  17. Ancient kroxigor struggles with the same design flaw as the saber toothed cat. I feel like the tusks would only hinder him from biting! Looks cool as hell though!

    So uranons t bolt isn't just for artillery sniping anymore?

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