Happy Birthday Spongebob! (Big Birthday Blowout Review)

Hey everyone, so I’m a day late on the upload here and I do apologize for that. Reason being that this past week was kinda rough on me and ended up having to scrap this other video idea had because I want to wait a while longer before making it. Still, yesterday I managed to pull this off by editing the entire video from scratch, so I was still able to put something out after all.

About time I talk about Spongebob, right? Hahaha, well considering this was his 20th anniversary I figured now was as good a time as any to talk about it. Feel free to share your thoughts as well, I’d be glad to read them!

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This video is NOT an upload of Spongebob Squarepants in its entirety. All of these clips are narrated over top of and edited so that I only need to show what is necessary for me to explain my critiques. This was made for the purpose of criticism & discussion and is considered Fair Use under YouTube & Federal Copyright Law. Please support the official releases.

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40 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Spongebob! (Big Birthday Blowout Review)

  1. Shadow streak that was a wonderful review about SpongeBob 20th anniversary because I love SpongeBob Square Pants. SpongeBob is one of my favorite cartoons on Nickelodeon and Happy Birthday SpongeBob you are the wonderful sponge I ever seen I wish your creator Stephen Hillenburg would be proud when I heard your creator is pass away I was sad and I'm feel really sorry for you SpongeBob it was sad but there's no time to be sad SpongeBob I respect your creator Stephen hillenburg and I respect you SpongeBob and most of all I'm very proud of you Shadow Streak for making a good review about SpongeBob and his birthday blowout and I'm glad that modern SpongeBob has return to his rightful self from it's dark age of season 6 to season 8 and at least Modern SpongeBob isn't like the Power puff Girls reboot. And I have one thing to say to Nickelodeon are you out of your mind that disrespecting Stephen Hillenburg legacy and stealing the fan art that is unacceptable Nickelodeon you need to respect Stephen Hillenburg legacy not to being mean to Stephen Hillenburg if you don't respect Stephen Hillenburg then your year will become a dark age so please Nickelodeon Please be respectful to SpongeBob and his creator. Shadow Streak Can you review about invader zim , Dora the explorer, Classic Ben 10, Ben 10 2016, Sonic x , Mickey Mouse , Big hero 6 the series, Kim possible and most of all Tangled the series maybe.

  2. I would like to see you cover the Fairly OddParents episode Power Mad! After all, you did say it was your favorite episode.

  3. Finally someone brings up the stupid Patrick drooling scene. Literally every other person who’s reviewed this episode seems to gloss over that

  4. Actually, the gorilla masks are a reference to a classic Spongebob episode where there was a real person in a gorilla costume in it.

  5. Finally! Can't believe you made this review!

    I loved this show since i was a kids. I loved the heartwarming, funny quotable episodes and moments of the show. And i am so happy they made this special! Easily one of my favorite episodes of the show.

    Overall Rating: 9.5/10

  6. Wow I can't believe you won't hooked by Post Sequel yet Season 9-12 have some of the best animation in a current Cartoon I have seen Season 11 Itself is a love letter to the show with references 1-3 and even 4-8 get some love in there, It might not be for everyone but I highly recommend it.

    (SOMEWHAT SPOILERY: The Tour guide/Rube is a character that had an episode in season 11 and became a reoccurring in Season 12 and The French Narrator in Scuba Suit is a reference to one of the last episodes of season 10)

  7. Your picks for the top 5 (at least) best and worst episodes of each SpongeBob season would be neat (or at least from the seasons you've seen in their entirety).

  8. Great, another SB fan who mainly cares about the show, just for it's 1st 3 seasons, and nothing else. How, wonderful (nothing against you, i'm just a bit cynical)! As for the 20th Anniversary, it's just kinda there. Maybe it's cause I don't just like the series for 1st three season/memes. And enjoy some of the later seasons (mostly 4, parts of 5, & some of 9), appreciate the SB video games (except for Activision's SB game), and even read a few comics by United Plankton Pictures. But outside of a few funny jokes, I found the special mostly boring. The Live Action Segments were forgettable, until we got to Discount Live Action Crusty Crab (Yeah, I forgot the name). The SpongeBob Segments was just a boring version of Party Pooper Pants (an episode I already didn't like and mostly forgot, except for Underwater Sun). I mean I like all the references & character appearances (even some of them don't make sense & they could've referenced the games as well) & it's definitely better than Truth or Square. But I didn't WANT it to be just better than that atrocity, and act like that is praiseworthy. I wanted to be amazing. But honestly, I feel like Battle for Bikini Bottom (references/comedy-wise) & Happiness Squared (plot-wise) were more genuine Anniversaries to SpongeBob than this. Would I recommend it. Yeah sure, if you only care about the series for the memes & 1st three seasons. But for me, i'll likely forget this special even existed, especially after 10 years.

  9. if ound it rather boring to be honest only the trusty slab bit was funny the rest was just meandering around not doing anything

  10. Awsome review 😀 💜💗💙🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖 welcome back shadow streak! :D💗 i loved your review of the episode! And I loved the special. It was really good! 😀

  11. I might be over thinking this but the pie dog kind of makes sense. Before the Frisbee was made and patented,people (mainly hungry college kids) would buy pies and discovered they could toss the pie plate around

  12. I was about 4 when the show first aired and I fell in love with it because of how optimistic Spongebob was–hell, the movie heightened that love by showing how insecure he was about being called a child by literally everyone around him and his effort to prove himself.

    I'M CAPABLE!!! was the line that really sold me on it.

  13. 4:49 he's right this is 100 Times better then Out of Jimmy's Head One of the WORST Things that came from Cartoon Network

  14. I've been a HUGE SpongeBob fan ever since the first three seasons and the first SpongeBob Movie sure there were some BAD Episodes from Seasons 5 to 8 But from Seasons 9 to onward have gotten better and SpongeBob has gotten better in Quality and gotten better in recent years

  15. You should do a video on Craig McCracken where you talk about all of his shows. They're all amazing. Especially Wander Over Yonder.

  16. Guys, I need help. There’s this voice in my head continuously telling me to check out it’s Patreon. It won’t go away and I’m scared.

  17. Honesty I fallen off for a good while, since most of the newer animation looks like just squash and stretch and the plot consist of something enduced by LsD and constantly screaming, and fast paced movement, last I checked the show is meant for kids five six and so fourth Not Toddlers! Also shadow can't you review good stuff, for example in a new Justice League show the riddle(played by Brant Spiner) becomes a private detective and Wonder Woman and green arrow enlisted he's help in finding batman by solving a series of clues, left by joker.(who's voice needs no introduction) I'm not gonna reveal the twist regarding joker's motives but it's a pretty solid episode. Or if you looking for something more traditional with an Indian Jones edge to it, but you don't want to fall down to the new Ducktales, check out Secret Saturdays and the mummy animated series!

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