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Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, a rich cultural city with Southeast Asian, Chinese and French influences.

If you are planning for the next trip, Hanoi would be a good place for you.


DAY 1:
Banh Mi 25 ★★★★ : VND 195K for 6 persons
Pablo ★ : VND 172K for 2 Desserts
Giang Cafe ★★★★ : VND 100K for 5 cups of coffee (Egg yolk Coffee)
Dinner at Ha Noi Xua Restaurant ★★★ : VND 644K (6 Dishes)

DAY 2:
Breakfast at Red House restaurant ★★★ : VND 675K
Tran Quoc Pagoda : FREE
Ho Chih Minh mausoleum: VND 200K (6 ppl)
Temple of literature: VND 150K (6 ppl)
Dinner at Le Thach Restaurant : (Not so recommend): 4 dishes VRN 350K
Fresh Garden cafe ★ : VRN 235K for 6 beverages

DAY 3:
*** Book with Klook***
Travel agency: Charming tour agency ★★★★★
HALONG BAY is recognised as one of the world-famous attractions in UNESCO World.
Grab the chance to visit Ha Long Bay, to explore the beauty of nature.
Cost: RM 715 (VND 3.8 Mil for 6 persons)
– Lunch in cruise (Cost included)
– Enjoy the view of Halong bay above the cruise.
– Experience Kayaking or bamboo ship
– Be one day caveman in Thien Cung Cave.
At night:
Xoi Yen ★★★★★ MUST TRY!! (VND 166K for 5 dishes)
Kafa Cafe ★★★★ : VND 280K

DAY 4:
Highway 4 Restaurant ★★★★★ MUST TRY!! (VND 1 Mil)
Train street in Hanoi
ST. Joseph cathedral
Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre: VND 750 k for 6 tickets
Viet Garden Cruisine House ★★★★★ MUST TRY!! (VND 1.4 Mil) included wine.

DAY 5:
Luk Lak restaurant ★★ : VND 900 k

Grab – Transportation:
From NoiBai Airport to Hanoi CIty: VND 375k
Transportation within Hanoi City Averagely: VND 25 – VND 55 per trip.
From Hanoi City to NoiBai Airport: VND 350k (private driver)

In Hanoi, the transportation cost is relatively cheap. However, the drivers here are quite rude. But there are still some kind-hearted drivers. Please beware of the scam.
During the tour, we get to know a very helpful and kind handsome driver. We have exchanged our social media with him so that in future we can contact him if we visit Hanoi again.
If you need his contact, please leave your comment below.

Ws Bryon (Producer of WS Production)
We wish to take more video and create more Vlogs in future.

source: https://banglasemantics.net

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