I was due my next smear test so decided to take you guys along for the ride with me. I also tell you about my story of my abnormal cells after my first smear results came back abnormal and the treatments I’ve had to remove them!

I hope this helps in some way. Please note I am only able to give my point of view from this experience and I am not a medical professional.

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  1. I was so nervous to be 25 in a couple of years and have a smear, but I had bleeding after sex and went to the Drs about it a couple of months ago and I was so nervous for the pelvic exam but it’s honestly fine, she didn’t do a smear it self as it all looked fine but it was very similar to what happens I.e speculum which is the bit i was scared off but it’s honestly fine so honestly ladies just go it’s so important. I’m sorry what happened happened, colopolpsocpy I could cope with but the loop biopsy sounds tough, I’m surprised you don’t have a general anethesthetic. I’m glad your okay now though

  2. Excellent work, Katie – thank you. After a bad first experience when my vagina started to spasm, making it impossible to remove the instrument, my doctor agreed to give me a few diazepams for the next time. I also asked in advance for the metal speculum instead of the normal one because some women will react to that material, causing the very painful spasms and having to wait and do deep breathing for at least 20 minutes. I also took 2 ibuprofen and 2 Paramols – you can buy these over the counter in Boots and they contain hydrocodone which is stronger than paracetamol. All clear for me after having HPV and CIIN 3 at 26 and treatment – the virus has gone and no abnormalities since – nearly 20 years. x

  3. I had my first smear test around a month ago at the age of 26, the nurse who did my smear test was so rough, my cervix hurt for over 2 weeks after, my results still havent came back, everytime i call my doctors office they say they still dont have them and tell me it takes between 2-6 weeks, its been a month already now im panicking!

  4. Are you not able to get the HPV vaccine in the UK? Almost all abnormal cells and eventually cervical cancer is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) so getting the vaccine is really the best way to prevent all of this. Well, that or don't ever have sex as HPV is transmitted sexually (but never having sex doesn't sound like much fun!). I hope you're getting a smear test every year. Please don't buy into the idea that every 3 years is enough, it's not, especially if you have a history of HPV and/or abnormal cells. Smear tests have a very high rate of false negatives, meaning they come back normal but there are really abnormal cells that just weren't caught. Cervical cancer is normally very slow in progressing so having a false negative one or even two years in a row probably isn't that dangerous and by the third year at least one out of the three tests should be accurate. But now think about only having a test every 3 years. It may take 9 years to get a truly accurate test and by that time any cancerous cells may have had years and years to spread. After the birth of my fourth child I was diagnosed with stage 0 cervical cancer despite a smear at the beginning of my pregnancy (and 10 plus before that) being normal. I thank God everyday he did the test even though I'd had one just 8 months before. Had he not, I may have ended up with invasive cancer.

  5. I wonder why in the US the age is 21 or whenever you’re sexually active. I remember being very scared but it 100% is not bad at all..quick like a few seconds and like you said it can save your life!

  6. Katie this was so good to watch! I had a colposcopy last year on my 25th birthday (and a biopsy)… I have the next one scheduled in for next week! Having a discussion and spreading awareness will help normalise and that is a brilliant thing xxx

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this. I had CIN1 change to CIN2 very quickly (hpv) and they decided to do a lletz (though no cancer cells). I have been through a lot before this because I have endometriosis and adenomyosis, though this experience with the lletz was extremely painful like yours and actually worse than a lot of the things i'd been through with endo treatments. Hope your results are all clear. No one talks about these things and I'm so happy you did.

  8. Live in UK with abnormal pap smear, they will skip coloscopy give you leep procedure so hospital can make more money doing them. Leep procedure side effects, loss libido, loss orgram function, nerves connect up cevix can be damage, shorter cervix, harder to get pregnant. Had CIN 3 and HPV used escharotic treatment, normal pap smear, still got pregnant.

  9. I’ve never understood why people don’t go to smear tests. You’d have far more people down there if anything was left late and progressed!

  10. Thankyou for sharing this, a really important topic and the perfect video to make people know they're not alone with any kind of smear test result or experience. 💕

  11. I'm baffled that the age for the first smear test in the UK is 25… In Germany you have them twice a year and the first time normally when you're like 13 r 14 years old… :O

  12. Katie – THANK YOU SO MUCH. I had a colposcopy & biospy last week after I had abnormal results and I've been absolutely freaking out ever since my first results came back abnormal. I really, really want to thank you for sharing your experience. I haven't gotten my results back yet. But knowing that you went through this and you're thriving has made me less worried about the outcome. Long-time viewer, first-time commenter, big-time fan of yours. Thank you, Katie. <3

  13. Wow! Can’t believe you don’t have a smear test until 25 in the UK. I had CIN 3 and a lletz procedure when I was 21. Would hate to think what that could have progressed to by the time I turned 25.

  14. Thank you for being brave enough to speak out about your story! I think it’s such a shame so many girls & women are afraid to get a smear test it literally takes 5 minutes and isn’t painful just a tiny bit uncomfortable. I wish they would drop the age it’s crazy that women have to wait that long before they can get one.

  15. I’ve got my 2nd colonoscopy today ( I had one last year after having abnormal cels) I actually found the colposcopy easier than the smear however I didn’t have any biopsies taken, I was told to come back in a year for a further check so finger crossed.

  16. What an unnecessary advice to take a paracetamol before a smear test. It's really not needed and you should avoid taking pain killers whenever you can! Other than that an informative video with an important message! 🙂

  17. This sounds 10 times more stressful!!!!! Than it is!!! Ladys please have a smear
    . It's really easy, slightly uncomfortable!! But most definitely worth it!!!!!!!!

  18. I really appreciate you posting this video. I had my first PAP smear at 18 and the results said I had abnormal cells. My cells were CIN1, which were the least severe and usually go away on their own. Nonetheless it was terrifying and I didn't know what HPV meant, and hearing the word cancer at an appointment is very very scary. These things should be talked about and young women should learn the importance of smears and their role in preventing cancers, even if they are uncomfortable.

  19. Oh my god I was going to vlog mine on Thursday! I didn't realise you ended up having pre cancerous cells Katie! In my first one I had, they found abnormal cells and I had to also have the colposcopy, but that's as far as it got for me so when my vlog goes up I'll direct my subscribers to you for further information xx i hope your test results come back clear hun, stay positive! xxx

  20. I’m so sorry you went through that! I’m nearly 33 so I’ve had quite a few smears (every 3 years since 21 – this must have changed around that time because it started at 21 back then?). I’ve been lucky that my smear results have all been normal, but I’ve had some mixed experiences. My tips to other viewers:
    – tell the nurse if you are nervous, they will usually be more patient
    – follow all instructions and try to keep as calm as possible
    – don’t book the appointment when you have to rush. Try and book a time that does not mean you are running door to door – you’ll just heighten any anxiety.
    – know where you’re going and parking. Again this will ease anxiety.
    – try and book at the correct time of the month (two weeks after period ends). May be difficult depending on the surgery but it will lessen the chance they can’t find your cervix or you have too much discharge.
    – if you get a letter saying they have to do it again, don’t panic – this is totally normal. Labs can mess up the swabs and also too much discharge can mean they can’t test. They also might not have swabbed enough cells. It doesn’t mean anything bad – you will get a letter like Katie’s if you need additional procedures.
    – just for comfort, don’t wear tight trousers or pants, and use a panty liner (just in case). It is normal to bleed a little (not a lot) after swabbing.

  21. I second everything you just said, I’m 22 so too young to have a smear test. I requested one about 12 months ago after having some symptoms but my Doctor wouldn’t allow it, she said the lab wouldn’t even accept it to test. A year on I have a new, much lovelier GP who really listens and understand me. I went to her with my symptoms and she examined me in the GP surgery, she could see some abnormalities and urgently referred me to Gynaecology at the hospital. I was seen by the consultant at the hospital within 7 days of my initial GP appointment, super speedy! I had the colposcopy like you just described and found it equally as horrible, I hated it. The consultantfound a polyp and some abnormal cells and did a biopsy there and then, I’m now (very anxiously) waiting for the results. Im only 22, it’s scary to think that if I hadn’t mithered for a second opinion, nothing would have been done for another 3 years.

    I am feeling so lucky to have (and work within!) our incredible NHS, the medical and admin staff have been wonderful, kind and so caring throughout. Fingers crossed for some ‘normal’ results!

  22. Well done for going along, it sounds like your past experience has been quite stressful. I'm hoping you get good news this time 🙂 I've been trying to film a video about my smear test experience because it is important but I'm still trying to overcome the awkwardness of putting the story up on YouTube. Which is ridiculous, because I'd want the message of the video to be go and get checked, it's worth risking the awkwardness. If anyone is reading this and is due to go along, I hope it goes well!

  23. I was so petrified about my first smear and was so nervous when I got my letter through and booked my appointment!!! But when I had it, it was absolutely fine, only slightly uncomfortable for about 30 seconds and then it was over. I couldn't believe how quick it was!! I was also told by a friend beforehand to wear a skirt and I cannot tell you how much of a difference it made to my experience, I didn't feel too exposed and it meant I only had to remove my underwear instead of getting totally undressed on the bottom.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing this Katie 💗 I had the same issue with the nurse not being able to find my cervix! My first smear was totally normal, I had it done at 24 + 6 when I first got the invite. My second smear came back abnormal and I have to go back within a year to get another smear. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t worry me, especially because my first smear was totally fine – but I know that this is normal and that even if I do require treatment it’s unlikely to be anything sinister! Girls, when you get your letter, just book it and get it out of the way. In my experience there are other standard medical procedures that are much more uncomfortable than getting a smear, it’s so important and could save your life.

    Thanks as always Katie for being so real and offering this platform for women to share their experiences xxx

  25. Why an earth, would anyone give a thumbs down on such an informative. & important video??!! 🤔Baffles me! Great video,Katie! 😘👍🏻

  26. My first and only smear test was awful. I cried and screamed and my muscles were so tight (I’m small down there) the speculum shot out and she couldn’t get it back in there 😂 That was 5 years ago. Never been back for another and I’m 40 now – they’d have to sedate me to do another. Worse experience than my 2 c-sections. Not to put anyone off or anything 😂

  27. Thank you for this video Katie. I’m due to go for my first test in a couple weeks. As someone with severe anxiety in medical situations it’s really helpful to understand what could happen. Really enjoy go open you are in your videos. ☺️

  28. Hope it all turns out okay! I had my first smear test over 9 weeks ago now and still haven't heard back for my results which seems to be the norm right now

  29. I’m waiting for my letter to invite me to go. My mom missed her smear and ended up having to have 3 biopsies to take away cancerous cells that had grown and it sounded horrendous. I KNOW it won’t be a nice experience but it’s so important! One missed test can lead to so much worse than having a smear! I’m so glad you spoke honestly about it. I’m fed up of people saying ‘it’ll just be a little scratch’ because for some it will but for others it won’t! But the important thing to know that the discomfort of having a smear test is far better than the heart break of catching cancer too late!

  30. Just to let people I had this procedure done when I was 28 now 55 years old and it never came back so far smear test save lives .

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