GOING OFF MY INSULIN PUMP AFTER 12 YEARS?! // type 1 diabetes day in the life

I’m off my insulin pump for the next couple weeks (short pump vacation), and the transition to multiple daily injections (MDI) has been quite challenging after 12 years on an insulin pump. In this vlog, I chat about my first few days off the pump and how I’m doing with the change. Of course I have to mention that just because I’m taking a bit of time away from my pump doesn’t mean I am not incredibly grateful for having access to an insulin pump. I love my t:slim and will be happy to go back on it after my short break 😀 !

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DISCLAIMER: The insulin doses I take in this video are my own personal insulin doses prescribed by my diabetes team. I am not a healthcare professional. Please consult your diabetes team if you need help with transitioning to/from the pump or with your insulin doses.

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41 thoughts on “GOING OFF MY INSULIN PUMP AFTER 12 YEARS?! // type 1 diabetes day in the life

  1. UPDATE: After almost two weeks of my pump holiday, I decided to go back on my insulin pump. This two week period on multiple daily injections provided me with the time I needed to feel "disconnected". Doing this pump break gave me a new perspective on my diabetes care and made me more mindful about my everyday decisions. I now know that multiple daily injections are an option for me if I ever want to go that route in the future, and that it is totally possible to achieve great blood sugar control on injections. However, at this point in my life, the insulin pump is what works best for me, so that's what I will continue to use :D. I will be posting another video summarizing my pump break, so stay tuned for that :). Thanks for following along and for all of your encouragement and support!

  2. I took a pump holiday after a decade and actually never went back! I think i may in the future, but for me it's helping right now to have less data – related to my eating disorder. I would love to be in a place i can go back to the pump with confidence i won't obsess over the data available!

  3. I use the freestyle libre sensor!! How do you like having a sensor on the inside of your arm?? I typically put it on the outside toward the back but I need a new place to put it because I have sensitive skin and my arm is reacting.

  4. Was on the pump for about 2 years, could never get it right, went off the pump back on insulin pens …… A1c for the past 2 years …7.1,7.2,6.8, 6.2 and the last wasn't so great 8.2 … been a Type 1 for 44 yrs … got all my digits/extremities ….

  5. I figured you were back on the pump, you have a sensor on your left arm, never thought about getting off pump. I have type 1 for 28 yrs and twelve years on the pump, pump has save my life! I feel for you being so young and having type 1 diabetes, I was diagnosed at 45 and now 73, and doing very well, do to the pump. Wish you the best!

  6. Having T1D for 35+ years I have never had the courage to switch to the pump! It's always on.my mind just never made the leap of faith. I commend you on your discipline #insulinisnotacure

  7. I want to take a break to just be in hooked but hate shots so much so I’m stuck. Good luck and be safe fellow diabetic

  8. Hi Michelle. Winter in Toronto is so cold that hardly can I go jogging outdoor. Can you share your experience on how to exercise in extreme cold weather?thank you so much

  9. In my group, the number 1 reason for people to dump the pump is that they went to a 1 basal injection a day with Tribeca, for mealtime insulin they switched to an inhalable insulin called Afrezza. You inhale it like an asthma bottle. It's taken me a couple of months to get used to it, but once you get the timing and dosage down, there's never a reason to have high or low blood sugars anymore. It gets in, starts working in 12 minutes, and is done working in about 1 hour. The other day I was hungry. I ate a whopper with cheese, a double whopper with cheese and onion rings. I stayed in the normal range the next 3 hours with my spike going only to 106. I love the Afrezza! It seems to be the closest thing that we have so far for a diabetic to not feel like their diabetic.

  10. 16 years and u still use alcohol wipes?? Lol I gave those up 15 years ago. Never had an infection. Or any issues. I feel those extra germs are good for your immune system. I've been looking at getting an Omni pod. Just got the dexcom. Life changer. I work construction and sweat alot . Been MDI for 20+ years. Can't see any pumps with tubes working for me at all. Wish they would work on the closed loop systems more ☹️✌️💟🔥🔥🍻

  11. Quickly approaching 1 year of pens/being t1d but excited/nervous to go on my first pump in Oct! I was about to ask about your activity balance on the pen when I hit that part in the video. That was a huge part of my learning curve. Thanks for this video, more or less describing some of our days.

  12. I'm using Tresiba after being forced off a pump due to insurance. It took me about 3 weeks to get back to complete control. I use an iPhone app called DIabetes: M which has all the same functions and tracking that the pump has. It's actually more intuitive because it accounts for things like activity, sickness, arrows on dexcom/cgm, etc. It's amazing after 13 years pumping, I actually love this a lot more!

  13. I have NEVER used a pump 21+ years type 1 without complications and 5.2-5.6 a1cs. I only take Lantus once a day. I cannot ever see using a pump. It keeps me feeling free from diabetes at least most of the day. I test but usually dont need insulin… but if i do i just take a shot of fast acting. I wish you the best.

  14. Hi michelle lord
    I'm a type 1 diabetic and i been doing injection shots for over 11 years going on 12 and i been thinking about switching to the insulin pens.

  15. Crazy how we become so used to a new routine that we forget our old one. Funny you had to relearn how to use the pens! It is nice to take a break sometimes!

  16. I’m still on injections and have found that my body doesn’t absorb the insulin when I i next in my arm, only in my belly.. so weird, but yeah! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Congratulations on the nomination, Michelle!!! SO WELL DESERVED!!!! 🍾♥️ I’ve voted (lots!!) and have everything crossed for you!! Well done to you for being brave and sharing your insulin pump break journey! I took a pump holiday last summer and it was a wonderful break but I was so glad to be reunited with my pump at the end of it! Sometimes getting that little break is all you need – (at least all I needed!)🌻🥂👏🏻

  18. Michelle: so I'm gonna take 1 unit for corrections and 3 for breakfast and 8 units of my long acting

    Me: okay I'm going to take 36 units of long acting and 21 units for breakfast plus the additional 3 units for high bloodsugar and 3 for ketones

  19. Thankyou Michelle for sharing. The reason I have never wanted to go on the pump is because of being attached to something 24 hrs a day. So have used pens for 25 years .
    Still always a challenge whether we use pens or pump, but for me the freestyle libre has helped get my HbA1c down to 6.3 . Before had spikes I didn't even know about. Congratulations on your award

  20. Have you ever thought about giving the artificial pancreas a try when you're ready to go back to a pump? I don't know how the Canadian health insurance system works with this but just read that Health Canada has approved the Medtronic 670G. You're pretty smart and would be more than up to the task.
    Were you using Basal IQ on your Tandem? I've heard the company is coming out with an upgrade called Control IQ later this year if you want to stay with your tslim.
    Just some random thoughts I had running through my mind. All the best!

  21. Wow, daily shots seem so complicated, how you do all of that math in the morning, and even during the day is beyond me.
    I don't have diabetes, but I understand the need to be free from devices, even if it's a medical one. The good thing is that you can go back to it whenever you want.
    I hope this pump break is going well for you!
    Much love ❤️

  22. Hi Michelle! I simply would like to thank you for doing what you're doing with this channel. I've been diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes 1 month and a half ago and it has been hard to say the least. Not knowing anyone with T1D and being thrown all that information at in the hospital felt so overwhelming. Your videos have helped me so much in terms of tips and tricks on how to deal with the permanent struggle of the illness. You have seriously contributed to me feeling less isolated and scared. Your videos are helping me everyday to learn new things I didn't even know were a thing for T1 Diabetics. You have probably heard this from freshly diagnosed Diabetics before, but I hope you are aware of how far the work you put into your videos goes, all the way to a 21 year old guy living in London. Thank you once again.

  23. Only good thing about not being on the pump you can use two types of insulin such as Lantis and Humalog and reduced chance if any of acid ketosis. I've been on the pump for 3 years and controll is great, add the FreeStyleLibre to that and it's s game changer. But I get your reason for the holiday.
    One other thing after sticking myself 8 plus time a day practicing tight controll I can mentally calculate my boluses without a 2nd thought. Old school still works and you don't have to rely on technology but rather experience. On a Medtronic 670 G after Animas bailed on insulin pumps. It's OK but prefer to use the FreeStyleLibre with a 14 day application VS a 6 day Medtronic sensor.
    Good video thanx for sharing…..

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