Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 6 (The Finale) – Review & Recap

Watch as Tori & Dr. S share their thoughts & reactions as they process the final episode of a true TV landmark and give you their review of Season 8 Episode 6 – The Iron Throne!! What did YOU think of the Series Finale of Game of Thrones? Tell us below!

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11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 6 (The Finale) – Review & Recap

  1. That was a hard episode for me to watch and the opened so many options for more seasons like arias trip and John leaves with the wildings it almost feels like this should continue.

  2. Very great information! I'm not a big game of thrones viewer myself but you two wonderful people are very pleasant to listen to 😊 all in all very cool recap video!

  3. Awesome video 🙂 I need all the recaps of game of thrones lol. I loved the end. Was it perfect? No, but what is? I like that all the Starks made it and all of them played pivotal roles in getting to the end and saving the world. I'm sad it's over but it was amazing.

  4. Is this the last time I'll see you women in GoT costumes? Are you going to do any more GoT top 10 lists? I hope so!! Thanks for all the great times!!

  5. I am pleased with how all the Starks' stories ended, even Jon's – although I hope he can find happiness again! Did he just decide there is no more Night's Watch and decided to go with Tormund to the real North? Or is he going to make a new Night's Watch for a new time?
    I do agree that the turn of events with Bran was surprising and not set up well enough. It also leaves a lot of questions regarding his role and motivations in everything leading up to his being named King. But I am also happy with it. Who know when he got pushed out of the window by Jaime he would end up king of the land! Well, except the North!! Queen Sansa!! Her ending and Arya's were perfect!!! And I thought the everything with Dany (and Jon) was so moving and well done! It had to happen, but I cried like a baby, especially when Drogon arrived! Very sad it is all over!!! And that people are reacting so badly to it, but what can you do?

  6. Wow!! I am still processing my emotions about the show, but I am very happy with how it ended. I don't understand all the hatred on the internet and all the Weiss and Benioff ruined my childhood stuff. They are the ones that created this incredible show and gave us 8 amazing season! A big majority of people I know liked it as well.

  7. Tyrion: There's nothing in the world more powerful than a good story.
    It's hard to believe D&D came up with that line.
    I respectfully disagree with your conclusions. This ended so badly I cannot ever see rewatching. Season 8 ruined the best story I'd ever witnessed. I feel hurt.
    P.S. Why does the number of Dothraki and Unsullied keep increasing?
    P.P.S. Bronn is Warden of the South and Master of Coins. They trashed it.

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