5 thoughts on “Frank Johnston v Haruki Omori-Cowie :LTA British Tennis GRADE 4

  1. 3:33 wow, this guy got screwed because his legit truthful out call, wasn't done clearly and loudly and above all in confident manner. I've seen juniors pull off more confident hooking calls, than this guys truthful call. And the supervisor, surely that ball mark could be seen clearly.. couple of inches wide. This is why we need a basic VAR system, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_assistant_referee covering all courts, supervisor could just sit in comfort of the club house and when a dispute happens, player just hits appropriate touch screen button on a courtside console, allowing the VAR to watch last minute and send back an appropriate decision. Really amazing that we have new technology to reduce the workload and improve decision making in other sports, yet hardly ever seen at lower levels of tennis.

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