38 thoughts on “For patients on Diabetes / B.P. / Cholesterol medication

  1. Dear doctor,
    Thanks for your noble service to diabetic ,BP, triglisarides patients in the society.
    So many patients needs your chart. Please send it to them as early as possible.
    Once again I am sincerely thanking you doctor.

  2. Mr Biswaroop pls ensure that when we pay the money on line the item should be delivered in time. Pls do ask your team to respond to our queries.

  3. Hi dr Saab
    How are you, I am debiet patient last 2 years after watching your video I stop all my medicine and start diet as per your instructions after 4 months my sugar levels
    130 to 150
    180 to 249
    My weight 70kg
    Age. 45
    In this video you told send us your complete information and we send you chart of diet.
    Please send me diet chart .
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks and regards

  4. Sir l am having type 1 diabetes and l am taking insulin three times a day. My blood glucose levels daily fuctutates and not staying at constants. I am having diabetes since 3 years. Sir, plz tell me solution for me

  5. I am a great admirer of Sir.I have watched many of your videos. Unfortunately no where I have come across u advising to go for Exercise , walking etc which also is quite useful in checking diabetes. I would love to receive a reply from you Sir.

  6. Plz. give any contact no. of Indo-Vietnam medical bord,or address,where I canget the medical guideline.Thanks.

  7. Tx a lot Sirji.. Excellent Info.. I am following u since a few months, but nt regularly, as i feel now i shuld follow u always, evn i stopped taking pills,but i wanted to ask u that, can i go with ayurvedic, if u insist thn only i will, otherwise not. God bless u fr every thing.. Joy Maa Durga..

  8. Meri beti 3 saal ki hai .use urine ke bad uske urine me badewale chinti as jate hai kya yaha dibitease ke lakshan hai ?kripaya jankari de

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