31 thoughts on “Fat Cholesterol and Macular Degeneration

  1. First of all you have the body of a dancer, strong with long legs. You could've been a ballerina if you had leaned that way. Also, your skin is soft, and you look lovely. You were made with love and good intentions. You are an angel with great passion for helping all of us out here to manuever our way around the food and pharmaceutical companies to get the best advice on health and nutrition. Thank you Dr. Popper for all your great knowledge and helpful guidance you have given so many of us.

  2. 2:00 “Nobody disagrees with this statement: it is good to eat a lot of plant food!”

    I have often stated that very assertion when trying to convince people to follow a vegan diet or at least something approximating it. I tell them: you may not believe everything I’m telling you about how bad eating animal products is, but EVERYBODY agrees that vegetables, i.e. plant derived foods, are good for you and that we need to eat much much much more of them! So if you’re not ready to accept the fact that meat and dairy are very deleterious, at least you should load up on the vegetables and lay off a little on the animal.

  3. 1:04 “You know, if nothing else some of the comments that you guys post are really good for comic relief here at the office when we’re in need of such a thing!”

    Are mine? ☺️

  4. This is the first one of your videos I have watched, but I have seen many videos of your conference appearances. I am 55 and recently gone from junk vegan/vegetarian to WFPB vegan, partially due to your dedication to sticking to the science. I was just saying to myself the other day that I hope that I look as great as Pam Popper when I get over 60. No lie. I'm currently reading Food Over Medicine and enjoying it very much! Keep up the good work!

  5. You are a breath of fresh air helping those of us who have transitioned to plant based continue to learn and grow. I would love to have more information on diet and menopause. After years of sleepless nights with hot flashes and night sweats that even a plant based diet hasn't seemed to reconcile its time for some new information. Living on this edge for 8 years has me ready to jump or push someone else off. Thanks.

  6. What about Monk fruit is 176 times sweeter than sugar…. it’s a fruit with no sugar in it but there is sugar alcohol 4% . Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  7. The troll was probably a high-meat diet consuming person. The comment they made was a criticism of the diet really. Meat eaters just wont shut up about the WFPB lifestyle but it's just like any addict justifying their addiction. (fat is addictive and there's lots of it in all dairy products)

  8. Thank you for what you do! My hat goes off to you for bringing up the comment about your diet/appearance. You're really strong in the way you handled it and you made me laugh. Good for you! I can only imagine how THAT person actually looks. NOT a pretty sight 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  9. Washing vegetables can remove up to 80% of the sprayed chemicals. Prayer or gratitude rather than anxiety would help.
    Buying some organic, like apples and or broccoli which is harder to clean. Wash all, inc organic.

  10. It’s funny you mentioned negative posts about someone calling you ugly because I just found one of your videos from 6 years ago and I wanted to see what you looked like and was up to now. When I came to this video the first impression was, well she looks really good 6 years later so that’s the first validation.

    Fecal transplants aren’t legal in USA? Doctors want to do it to a friend who had C-dif but she refused. Luckily they finally gave her a probiotic that got rid of it.

  11. Dr. Popper, please address whether or not macular degeneration is reversible and if so if it can be done by diet or other methods.

  12. my favorite saying is: The single most important decision you make on a daily basis is what you put into your mouth.

  13. I was actually thinking before you mentioned it, if you get the same kind of abuse that I do. Now I see that you do. Lovely people in the world, aren't there?

  14. Don't let the mean trolls get any credit, they have no life, while you have a good, healthy life, with a great sense of humor! You not only have a great figure but are also pretty Pam. Keep up the great work!

  15. In your research, have you ever come across any studies showing promising results from red light/near infrared light therapy for Macular Degeneration?

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