Dr. Paul Mason – ‘High cholesterol on a ketogenic diet (plus do statins work?) – 2019 update’

Dr Paul Mason obtained his medical degree with honours from the University of Sydney, and also holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Health. He is a Specialist Sports Medicine and Exercise Physician.

Dr Mason developed an interest in low carbohydrate diets in 2011. Since then he has spent hundreds of hours reading and analysing the scientific literature.

For a number of years, Dr. Mason has been applying this knowledge in treating metabolic and arthritis patients who have achieved dramatic and sustained weight loss and reductions in joint pain.

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26 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Mason – ‘High cholesterol on a ketogenic diet (plus do statins work?) – 2019 update’

  1. Every time I listen to one of these lectures, I can’t help but think my dad would still be alive if we had know about Leto benefits years ago.

  2. Taking statins with its associated muscle pains (that can take many months to wear off, and for some have even been fatal, see Cerivastin) and doctors threatening dire health results if stopped, putting the frighteners on patients who trust their doctor and do not have the time or inclination to do their own research, for just a few extra days is a scandal that big pharma love to perpetuate. The sooner people realise the supposed increased longevity is just a matter of a few days the better.

  3. I was on statins for about 15 years before I had any noticeable problems. One day, I woke up feeling as if I had worked every part of my body duringn the night, and my muscles burned like heck. I knew this could be a side effect of statins, but I was not sure that was the cause; after all, I'd been on the same medication for 15 years or so. I kept taking the statin and kept hurting. Testing showed no muscle problems, but I spoke with my doctor who agreed with me I should stop the statin. I haven't been on them for close to 10 years, and though I occasionally get burning muscles, I know what the cause of that is.

  4. All these guys who say everything contrary to what the medicine currently states should gather up and get some clinical research by healing coronary patients with bacon and beef and if they are successful, get a Nobel prize, but if not should shut up.

  5. It's very strange, when I go on a Keto diet, my weight goes down, energy goes up and I NEVER crash! However, when I follow the doctors orders (low fat higher "healthy" carbs) I feel horrible, tired all the time and I can't stay lean for ANYTHING! It's crazy that people don't accept the fact that you must do what makes you FEEL optimized. I don't even eat fruit anymore!

  6. What is the centrifuge LDL test with its graph called? Graph shown at 16:42 min. I can't find a lab that does it in USA.

  7. I have some questions.

    1) How long, on average, this cycle takes from the VLDL leaving the liver until the LDL returns ?
    2) How does our body get rid of LDL if it does not have the LDL receptor binding site?

    3) When I look at the nutritional information of a food it is just written "This food contains x mg of colestrol", I wonder if "cholesterol" actually means cholesterol or lipoproteins, if they refer to the latter, which lipoprotein they are referring to?
    4) How does LDL get oxidized?
    5) How much the probability of LDL being oxidized after being glycated is increased?

  8. Strange thing I have found about being on a Keto diet, twice now. I had a bad cold, and couldn't eat anything really, so again as a last resort I ate two packets of chocolate coated biscuits in one sitting!! As expected my Blood sugar went up….to around 6.4 max LoL…..then two hours later 5.2 and my ketones 0.7 !! Now insulin is supposed to suppress ketone production. I can only surmise that my insulin sensitivity has improved markedly and that that the sugar was dealt with very efficiently, and the system returned to normal, and body started producing ketones again. And a few hours after that, eating nothing, ketones 1.1 This amazes me. I wonder if anybody in regular ketosis wants to try this experiment with sugar.

  9. i can vouch for the keto diet to all who have health issues.. I had bp as high as 190/115 which had started impacting my heart… Doc here in india started me off on Cilindipine (ca channel blocker ) & nebivolvol (beta blocker) … That brought bp down to 130/90 but within few days it spiked to where it was… So i was being advised higher doses of drugs….. Now i m not the sort of person who is for taking life long meds…

    I totally changed my life style n reduced salts n meats n followed Robert Morse's protocol (heavy fruits) for a year… But bp was still hovering borderline @ 140/100 n tended to shoot up at smallest pretext…
    Finally went keto this june & lo behold , within 5 days my bp dropped to 115-110/ 80-75 & has stayed there ever since ….. gosh , this has been the best thing i did… Bless docs like eric berg, jason fung & jagannath dixit……

  10. I've recently been banned from donating blood because my cholesterol is 390 despite having perfect ratios.. Trigs 51 and HDL 95. Haven't been sick in four years at least, blood pressure 110/70, BMI of 19.
    I know I should just say "Screw them.." but I can't help being infuriated, I could have more triglycerides than HDL and still be healthy to these people as long as my total cholesterol is 200..

  11. I lost 55 lbs and got my blood sugar totally undet control with LCHF. My quality of life improved immensely. Still my CIMT did not improve. Now I'm trying 2.5mg crestor 2x per week. No side effects so far but I am noticing improved arterial flexibility. I don't care about LDL but I do care about endothelial health. Using CIMT is the best way to evaluate statins, not cholesterol. If my arteries heal better and faster with a drug I think it's worth some risk.

    Furthermore I have found studies that show improved endothelial repair with statin treatment. Remarkably, this process is independent of LDL levels.

    Hmgco a is a precursor for heme, coq10 and cholesterol….. donating blood improves heart attack risk in men…..

  12. I made a comment at Peter's place yesterday and will just copy and paste:
    "I made a long comment, too long for here, at a video by Dr. Paul Mason, and included long quotes from Vladimir Subbotin, Dr. Kraft, Yutaka Nakashima, and from a 2017 publication , " Modifications in Retinal Mitochondrial Respiration Precede Type 2 Diabetes and Protracted Microvascular Retinopathy "

    Are other possible explanations for this diffuse intimal thickening being explored, besides some type of mitochondrial dysfunction? Can we do a brain storm session here to explore possibilities , with no judgment of merit?

    Could there be a copper, zinc imbalance, outside the range of our evolutionary familiarity?

    ( got the idea on that one from Dr. Terry Wahls ).

    What are some practical measures for people to take who are having problems making the big carbohydrate adjustments, and also have tight budgets? Are pomegranate seed oil, 12 drops twice a day, 1 tbsp walnut oil with meals, and aged garlic extract the best candidates? Should kiwi fruit be included, even with the fructose?"

  13. I have familial hyperlipidemia. I quit taking my statins 6 years ago, much to my doctor's dismay. I had muscle pain, and memory problems, and it just wasn't worth it to me. I told my doctor it is my body. I live in it, and I will die in it. I started Keto and intermittent fasting February 2019, and so far I have dropped 2 points on my A1c, and my cholesterol went up a bit, but nothing radical, and my triglycerides dropped significantly. I have lost 42 lbs, and still losing, and I feel fantastic. Nothing could make me take statins again. My doctor doesn't understand why I am not worried about my cholesterol, but my family members with familial hyperlipidemia seem to have a good life span regardless.

  14. Give us a diet with no carb or cholesterol. Eith sugar shoots or the cholesterol. All tell u what not to eat but no one will tell u what to eat.

    Will god create harmful food for his creation. Why. Where r human going wrong. How do we know how much carb is in the food n how much is required by the body. How do we measure it.

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