Dr. Nadir Ali – ‘Why LDL cholesterol goes up with low carb diet and is it bad for health?’

Dr. Nadir Ali is an interventional cardiologist with over 25 years of experience. He is also the chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. Before working as a cardiologist, he served as an assistant professor of medicine for eight years at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where he also received his medical training.

Dr. Ali has championed many aspects of the science and practice of a low-carb lifestyle in the local Clear Lake area since 2013. He organises a monthly nutritional seminar in the Searcy Auditorium of the Clear Lake Hospital that receives more than 100 visitors every month from the local community. Dr Ali’s focus is on managing heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

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32 thoughts on “Dr. Nadir Ali – ‘Why LDL cholesterol goes up with low carb diet and is it bad for health?’

  1. Great presentation. I am doing Keto since 3 months and I am living more than lazily lying around.
    And I Suscribed the YT channel of Dr. Nadir "Eat Mostly Fats Nutrition".

  2. Fantastic presentation and I've seen dozens of those .
    Splendid clarity and hits all points.
    All ppl I'm know will get to watch you.They do not believe in what I tell them.
    So they have a proof in your professional statements.
    Thank you so much !!!

  3. So we shouldn"t eat fiber? What about a fiber substitute, like a Fiber Therapy? Sometimes it's hard to go to the bathroom with no fiber… Any helpful answer would be appreciated! Thank's!

  4. Most doctors are the last to see this obvious truth, I recently had this argument with my doctor who still think the food pyramid is the only healthy diet option even as her waiting room is full of its victims

  5. I have started to love this doctor. following his presentations. I am no doctor but have a fairly good understanding of what he is talking about. I am on LCHF diet and doinf fantastic

  6. Here is a letter from my Doctor (below)after blood work on 8-9-19. What should I do here? Been on Keto and fasting OMAD strictly since March 14. Was at 260 now 190 = 70lbs lost. Need to loose 20 more pounds without a heart attack:-). Thank you sir. Sincerely Thank you.

    From doctor:
    Labs show your cholesterol is extremely high worse then previous and most likely due to the keto diet you are doing. Stop this immediately and focus on a low carb and low fat diet. Your LDL levels are almost triple what they are supposed to be and your risk of heart disease is very high. If the levels do not decrease you will need to start medication. Recommend a repeat cholesterol check in 6 months. Please call to schedule a lab appointment please. Thanks

    My results
    Cholesterol 343 mg/dl (High) Range Reference =100 – 199

    Triglyceride 142 mg/dl (in range) Range Reference = 0 – 149

    HDL Cholesterol 40 mg/dl (in range) Range Reference = 40 – 150

    LDL Cholesterol 275 mg/dl (High) Range Reference = 0 – 99

    CHOL/HDL 8.6 mg/dl (High) Range Reference =0.0 – 5.0

  7. Do you think that eating things with MUFA amd PUFA are bad? Talking nuts, olives, and avocados. I was taught that MUFA and PUFA are required for things saturated fat cannot provide.

  8. I lost over 100 lbs with water fasting and intermittent fasting/keto. I have kept it off with intermittent fasting. Simply put: train your body to burn fat rather than store it and you will be thin. But we're not supposed to know this because being fat = higher profits for the food industry and most of the health industry. Take charge of your health: embrace fasting and ignore the silly stuff.

  9. I never bother with testing my blood. I don't have dietary paranoia. I grew up in a medical family. I know that M.D. doesn't mean "Medical Deity." My Dad was an M.D. He put his obese patients on a very low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet way back in the 1960's. .I never pay attention to cholesterol.

  10. Things are starting to get bad when ordinary people has to lecture their doctors about things they should have picked up !! They have to keep following all studies done since things are changing quickly now a days!! The trust in doctors are diminishing quickly!!

  11. Not long ago I took a blood test to see that all was well in my body. Not long after I got a telephone call about my LDL. It was high!! LOL! I told them that I was on a very low carb diet and that the rise of LDL was normal. The doctors did not understand, so I asked them to stop being in the stone age and get back to their studies again!! LOL! I would like to have seen their faces after that advice….!!

  12. Sir
    I am a diabetic patient since last 30 years. Now I follows keto diets and the glucose level is normal.
    But some days before I had a cup of white rice and my sugar level was as follows
    Before meal 98
    After half an hour 133
    After 1hour 208
    After 2hour 232
    After 3 161
    After 4 109
    Please diagnose this

  13. its the large particles that go up, that's what you want but the small particle goes way down which is what you want because its the small particles that cause all the problems

  14. Dr Ali describes my Cholesterol profile perfectly at conclusion of 3 months of Low-carb “more-fat” diet back in April-end ‘19. The LDL went up significantly, with HDL higher and Triglyceride resulting in a very good HDL Vs Triglyceride ratio. The wife was alarmed and so was the doctor I visited.
    As I don’t want to be so out of range I have been, for 3 moths now, eating much less fat (no cheese and very few eggs) and still on a very low-carb and no added sugar diet. I am still feeling great, and I plan to continue on and get another blood test in a months’ time. I just can’t help pondering what the next test will show ?
    BTW, the low-carb diet has normalised my moderate high blood pressure (15 years), cured moderate fatty liver (10 years), and normalised all liver enzymes (some were marginally high 10 years). So low-carb will be my diet forever !
    And finally I wish I can get a doctor who is more knowledgeable about the effects of low-carb diet on cholesterol …. even though I live in a first-world big city the doctors are merely drug dispensers.

  15. I dropped a lot of my carbs in my food only, that means I kept drinking my normal amounts of beer and wine, which is daily and no small amount.

    My inflammation which has been chronic for decades, dropped dramatically in just three days.
    It has stayed this way for weeks, while I still drink my normal amounts of alcohol.
    Now this is just joint inflammation and other such, that can be measured easily by yourself quite easily. But if this LCHF is that powerful now, imagine how powerful it would be if I dropped my liquid carbs (alcohol).

    As they say, food for thought…

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