34 thoughts on “DOWNGRADE iPhone 4S & iPad 2 to iOS 6!

  1. If I had to guess, this isn't going away as Apple probably would've already removed it. However, you should still do this quickly just in case Apple does take it away.
    Did this work for you? Let me know!

  2. guys, you can still do it. Download beehind, insert ipsw ios 6.1.3 image, put ecid number (you can get it in 3utools), let it do custom ios 6.1.3 image and then flash the phone with 3utools. Figured that out today, after 2 days…:)

  3. Trying to download the iOS 6.3.1 for my iPhone 4 and the iOS 6.3.1 is unsigned. Please let me know how to get that signed

  4. awesome vid man! is this "signed" thing inherent in the downloaded file or is it verified through internet? If you download the signed version, then you should be able to use it anytime even apple decide to remove it right?

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