37 thoughts on “Downgrade iPhone 4S iOS 9.3.5 Back to iOS 6 in 2017!

  1. Hi guys, anyone have issues activating Gmail accounts on iOS 6? also activating iMesage? both dont seem to want to work with iOS 6

  2. can someone help me? I have an iPad 2 with ios 6.1.3, but in the youtube app, it always appears: "Update requiered" How can i disable it? I would like to Use ios 6.1.3 the whole time.. 😀

  3. i lost everything after reboot i have ios7 but only 2GB instead 64gb and lost everything i no possibility to restore from a back up so no thank you

  4. Apple temporarty signed (it's Februrary 2018) version 6.1.3, so you can downgrade thru iTunes.


  5. HI great Video, after to finish the donwgrade I don't want to have the dual bot, so we can to delete the partition 1 (iOS 9.3.5) and keep only the partition 2 (iOS 6) and get all space in the device?


  6. Just downgrade permanently to iOS 8.4.1 and it's running not bad smoothly better than running iOS 9.3.5 lag and slow. And many apps still supported by iOS 8.4.1

  7. After I clicked 6.1.2, it's been on the "Downloading iOS 6.1.2 from Apple" loading bar for 30 minutes. The bar is still near the start and doesn't appear to be moving.

    Is this normal?
    Does it take super long to Download the iOS?

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