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  1. I am with you Pam. I am very pro freedom of speech and choice with vaccines. That's really shameful on the part of Elizabeth Warren.

  2. The food industry does what the pharmaceutical industry does: publish their research that supports the purchase of their products, lobby politicians, pay millions of dollars for ads that glorify their product and lie.

  3. Elizabeth Warren is just an evil flash in the pan. Good luck with your school, I really enjoy your videos 🙂 Eggs are not good except maybe as a hair treatment.

  4. excellent inside scientifical views, Bur regarding private schools on gov money I disagree w/you. Not sure why you are opposed to gov schools? are you receiving gov money? Just imagine keteo schools funded by gov money –There is enough corporate misinformation and we dont need private independent schools to empower them

  5. Despite the thousands of studies supporting the WFPB diet, I still believe this USDA vs PCRM story is the best summary supporting the WFPB diet. Thanks for sharing Dr. Popper. It was a pleasure meeting you in Copenhagen, and I especially liked that when you saw me in the lobby the day after the symposium, you turned to your colleagues and said about me, "he's one of ours," because I am. Thank you for your timely responses to my e-mails, and your continue pursuit and promotion of truth.

  6. Pamela, you are great and I love your videos. Please continue. (Just trying to balance out all your hate mail with a bit of positivity!) I don't always like or agree with what you say but you always back up your assertions with loads of info which is really interesting. Thanks

  7. Thanks Pam. I don't know how much it helps but I try and write my congressperson and ask them why the food guidelines don't follow science and why snap dollars can be spent on junk food.

  8. What you and the PCRM do makes you real life superheroes in our opinion…this is why we donate to the PCRM…you are the best Pam ♥️

  9. Corporate Fascism: very bad for the people and the country. Been going on way to long now. To divide this country is what they want. Together We Stand. OR. Divided We Fall. Politicians ( of both Parties) are bought and paid for by Corporations. Not by the people for the people anymore. My point being: We The People need to be much more diligent and not take everything we’re told to heart by stupid politicians or the media. Do your own research is the bottom line.

  10. I respect your work but what’s wrong with Alaskan caught sockeye salmon a few times a week? it’s better than red meat… do you believe in veganism? Do you believe that all eggs are bad? Do you believe that you should follow the diet for your blood type? Do you believe your research is greater than Dr. Weil or Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride? Do you open your mind up to their research and views? Do you keep an open mind? I know you’re intelligent but I think you are biased. God bless you… I’d love to have a debate with you because I study all of the doctors and dietitians and their two cents on diet…

  11. Dietary Guidelines in Germany recommend Meat+Dairy now merely as COMPLEMENTARY FOOD … indicating that the "basis" should be.. well… PLANT-BASED!

    DGE 2018 (Leaflet):

    "To ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients through your diet it makes sense to COMPLEMENT your plant foods with ANIMAL FOODS like
    Milk, dairy products, fish, meat and eggs."
    (Source: DGE lit. extract link "LeseProbe" https://www.dge-medienservice.de/vollwertig-essen-und-trinken-nach-den-10-regeln-der-dge-broschure-232.html )

  12. Presumably the core improvement would be to ban senators and the like from being paid by industries. If those in government were not beholden to sponsors then they could make decisions and laws based upon the needs and wishes of the people who voted for them instead.

  13. The solution is not less government. The solution is government which works for the benefit of people rather than corporations. Canada just revised its guidelines and, unlike here in the United States, scientists were involved in the drafting of the new guidelines and industry representatives were excluded from the process. The result: water is listed as the preferred beverage and consumption of animal products is de-emphasized while consumption of plant foods is emphasized. Government works when corporate interests are kept in check.

  14. Would love to hear your take on Dr. Natasha Campbell’s GAPS diet! She claims all these scientific bases and SO many people nowadays are turning to it as a treatment for autism- but it seems really fishy.

  15. There's a "doc" with 1.8 million followers who claims/believes that eggs are the superfood and that just about everyone should consume one/two/three a day. And the main justification seems to be that ingestion of dietary cholesterol modulates the body's own natural manufacture in the liver, so it kind of evens out. Furthermore, for most people the increased intake of cholesterol from eggs does/will not markedly increase blood serum levels, citing some research paper. On the surface the above reasoning seems plausible and reasonable, but can someone point out the flaws in the argument?

  16. Hello! I am a huge fan or your videos, and am trying to really perfect my diet. Its hard to figure out how to not overeat while still getting the nutrients I need. I'm not sure if you're interested in creating this type of video. But I would love to see a "what I eat in a day" or "what I eat in a week" video. Thank you for the content you put out!

  17. It is maddening. But the government isn’t in charge of anything. Industry rules the roost. More government under the current system just means more industry pawns. Under a different system we could achieve far more with far less government but we’ve allowed industry to get too powerful for any meaningful change to occur.

  18. I raise my own chickens, know what they eat and enjoy eating the eggs they produce which contain many nutrients besides cholesterol. Tell me the study that proves one must eliminate all cholesterol in order to avoid heart disease. As in all things, balance, not extremes.

  19. "New studies continue to show that dietary cholesterol and egg consumption "increase the risk of cardio vascular disease." How does it?

  20. Thank goodness we have you leading the movement against the deep-pocketed, heavy lobbied efforts of the pernicious meat, dairy, and anti-whole food plant based machine!!!

  21. Bravo, Dear Lady; I unsubscribed Dr. Berg when he said he loved eggs. I figuratively fell out of my chair when he said it. CMJ Canada

  22. We need a government that works for us. The schools that Elizabeth Warren wants to regulate are the for profit colleges than are not accredited yet get student loan funding. She is not after you. Further it is not a stunt to have Native American heritage. She has spent a lifetime studying the abuses of the working class. Your school fills a need because if the utter failure of our corrupt medical system. Blaming Warren is foolish.

  23. hi Pam. I just watched a video on youtube about statins and how they cause dementia because the brain needs cholesterol and the statins stop the brain having any. I then went to Alzheimers disease UK website and saw how people without dementia over age 85 have high cholesterol. I'm guessing there's something here that isn't exclusive, that it's not cause and effect but merely a coincidence? you would know more about that than me.

  24. The American guidelines have gotten us where we are today: fat and sick and dependent on drugs. Obviously, something in the guidelines is terribly wrong! Thanks for all the balanced content you are providing us so we don't have to be bringing business (by remaining sick) to our current corrupt healthcare system.

  25. In Finland they got rid of private schools and it forces funds to go into public schools-which I think is good. We could all fight for better public schools, better school lunches, etc. With current system the wealthy and powerful are not invested because their kids go to private school.

  26. Elizabeth Warren is a joke and I would be shocked if she even stands a chance of being elected. Although these days nothing shocks me. The rest of the democratic candidates aren’t much better. They are mostly Socialists/Communists these days. Whatever happened to a normal democrat?? I used to be one years ago…….

  27. Elizabeth Warren is not trying to do that. She only opposes people going into debt for an education that does not benefit the student. She simply doesn’t want federal funding for proprietary schools like Trump Academy which ripped people off for enormous sums of money and gave nothing back. Pam’s work would never be affected. I’m surprised that Pam would say this. If there is any truth to it, she should give references to prove her claim. The problem exists with corporate takeover of our government and weakening of consumer protections.

  28. I would not go for Elizabeth Warren but I would support Tulsi Gabbard. Speaking of eggs, before I had my heart condition I once made the worst cholesterol combination, Scotch Eggs. A hard boiled egg wrapped in ground beef and deep fried in oil. Certainly felt a clunk in the body after consuming a few of these.

  29. Your constant antigovernment rhetoric truly reveals which political side you align with, even though you say you dont pick sides. When it comes to these issues that you present, the facts that you provide does not match the opinions or solutions you give.

    Time and time again you lay out the facts on how these industries and corporations are corrupting our health, our choices and our society. However you constantly get the solution wrong when you berate the government agencies associated with them, instead of the actual industries.

    The solution is to get these industries, corporations and lobbyists out of our government and lives. These people have special interests that do not benefit us. The solution is to have the government represent it's people like it should always be.

    Every time you give your opinion about government, you're participating in the deligitimizing of our government which can be dangerous. That sentiment is what these special interests want the citizens to have in order for us to lose faith in government and therefore not participate in the process. This is what provides the perfect environment for these folks to lobby and corrupt our government to the point where it is now.

    Small government is not necessarily a good thing and big government is not necessarily a bad thing. We need effective government that represents the people and not corporations, special interests, nor lobbyists etc.

    Please please stick to the facts and try to remove your opinions on politics. I hope you approve my comment because it seems like you don't allow any comments that has any bit of objection even if it's completely respectful and reasonable.

  30. In my opinion, the United States does not have a health care system, but rather an illness care system mislabeled as a health care system. Caring for health is a person's personal responsibility. Once a person has the need to see a doctor (short of some emergency or accident), then it's illness care. Glad to hear you have no party affiliation. Those who do generally vote party-line, but as any independent thinker realizes, each of the parties has good ideas and bad ideas. Party-liners tend to think that everything their party does is good, and everything the other party does is bad – very shallow thinking that reflects no personal investigation. Regarding the dietary cholesterol and fat presentation, very good job Pam! You are a candle in the dark for those seeking the real story!

  31. This is one of the most common internet myths: that the guidelines say cholesterol is fine for you. I usually just provide the confused person with the PDF of the guidelines directly. Ctrl-f for "dietary cholesterol": https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/resources/2015-2020_dietary_guidelines.pdf

  32. I had no idea your school would be negatively impacted by Warren's plan. Thank you! This is a very good reminder to look into the voting records of candidates, and more deeply into their plans.

  33. yeah the Government should control everything….what do you call a system of Govt like that ?………Thankyou Elizabeth Warren…..welcome to America. From Freedom to Fascism

  34. I dont understand the hate mail! You are doing us all a service by giving us the truth! Again…much respect💚
    " Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is then truth"

  35. Very helpful video, great explanation concerning the manipulation of research, and really appreciate political information.

  36. I am much more concerned about the effects of implementing the new green deal than I am about the effects of climate change.

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