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Days Gone review is an upcoming action-adventure survival horror video game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. The game uses Unreal Engine 4.

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45 thoughts on “DAYS GONE REVIEW – Happy Console Gamer

  1. Have you heard anything about the ps4 freezing up when you play days gone? I watched a video 3 months ago about players having their ps4 brick up on them when they played. So I never downloaded the game, I've been watching for any more info but haven't seen anything good or bad. PLEASE send any info you can, this game looks excellent and I can't wait to play it. Thank you.

  2. It's really an open world The Last Of Us.
    The crafting is the same- using supplies you find to craft melee weapons, bombs, motolovs, and health kits.
    The shooting is the same with the swaying circle crosshair and you can't be 100 accurate.
    The level-up system is similar as it unlocks better stuff, better abilities, better stats, and allows to use less recourses when crafting
    The story is the same- following a surivor years after the collapse as he makes his way across the country. A kind-hearted but ultimately damaged person who has grown cold to others. The story is also fantastic just like TLOU
    The overall mechanic on conservating resources is the same. You can either fight or sneak your way through and you'll do it based on what you have available to fight.

  3. Eh I really liked it, especially for the adrenaline rushes them frickin hordes would give me. The music for the hordes is burned into my brain and just adds a really scary touch letting you know that you better either run away fast, or fight. Now a game I didn't like? Red Dead 2, and i tried really hard to like it.. but it couldn't grip me like this game does. Sure it's graphics are better and the world of Red Dead 2 is stunning, but underneath it all I couldn't get over how much of a chore the core game was.

  4. Having finally finished the game recently I'm late to the party, but I agree about 100% with your review here, Johnny. I really enjoyed this game, it's one of my favorites this year. Deacon turned out to be a character I really liked even though initially I didn't think I'd care for him and assumed he'd be pretty one-dimensional.

  5. Days Gone story is about the start of a virus outbreak that makes humans, crazed and sick cannibals. Where at the beginning, your character's wife Sarah is stabbed by a teenager, but placed on a Helicopter to be taken to a Medical Facility, as the City evacuate. Two years has past, with your character, Deacon believing his wife was dead, after later going to facility and seeing that it was overrun by freakers. At this point, Deacon has moved on with his life as he constantly reminisces about the good times he and his wife, Sarah had together. While, him and his best friend, Boozer are doing what they can to survive and help out at certain camps in exchange for shelter & supplies. My point here, is that IGN said that the Story was boring and drags on too long? That itself, explains the reason why the story is too long. Your character thinks his wife is dead, which takes you into other stories of survival in an Zombie Apocalyptic Open World, that's also an Action Adventure. And you need some kind of transportation to get around this World, so why not your Motorcycle, which you will have to maintain just as you would your weapons and accessories? Days Gone is Raw! Definitely a 9 outta 10.

  6. I’ve waited for the inevitable price drop and picked up Days Gone retail for £34.99.
    It’s a blend of other open world – survival horror games. I’m only 4 hours in so it’s early given I understand Days Gone clocks in a 40 or more hours.
    Far from perfect Days Gone is playable. I’ve played a lot worse. However it lacks depth. Maybe that will change in the next few days/weeks.

  7. I Platinumed this game last night and I loved every minute of it. My question to you is this: have you played to the ending and also the secret ending and what do you think? I’m so much looking for a part 2!
    Anyway loved your review.

  8. It’s a damn solid game… but it ain’t no 8.5…

    It also isn’t the 6.5 that IGN, or the 5.0 that Gamespot gave it either.

    But there are way too many issues and too many uninspired choices and unrefined mechanics for this to be that high…

    And that’s also overlooking the technical issues, which nearly every single person who has played the game has experienced… On both the Pro and the standard PS4’s.

    But beyond that, DG doesn’t push the boundaries of the genre, it doesn’t take any chances, and the story, while VERY GOOD, is extremely predictable, and pretty easy to get in front of.

    It doesn’t do anything particularly poor (besides performance and optimization), but it doesn’t do much EXCEPTIONALLY well. It’s just “good”, and that’s good enough. But “just good” isn’t anywhere near an 8.5

  9. Nice review. Fair and accurate. So far the "big reviewers" have really lost my confidence and respect with this one. I'm having a great time playing this.

  10. Hmm it's the sleeping dogs of 2019 if anyone catches that reason, super good but took elements of other games but made a great thanks to said games it is taken from

  11. Bought this and then rage 2. Figured i would finish this before starting rage. That was 2 weeks ago and i am still playing the game.

  12. Loved the review, very authentic.
    94% of google users loved it. 4.3/5 Gamestop. 4/5 Daily Express. 75% metacritic. People in the comments act like this game just got completely shit on. For what it is, it does it well. It's not completely ground breaking. It's just a very solid, open world zombie game. It's not winning any huge awards for me. But, its definitely worth playing, dumping some good hours into it and overall enjoying. Stop perpetuating all the hate! It's a commendable effort from a smaller development team. Also, as a bonus…No forced microtransactions like everything else today or muddled glitchy online play.

  13. Finnaly a positive review not like ign stupid ass. Thank God I don't buy games base on stupid reviews. Like seriously a piece of trash like fornite getting a 9/10 is just sad. That alone tells you that they rate games base popularity not base on quality. Defenely will buy this game once I'm done playing my new games I recently purchased.

  14. To me is an easy 9,not a 10 because the game should have more wierd Enemy type,and more enviormental story in The empty houses,but ok,story, narrative, graphics, Gameplay,hords,are great.

  15. I really appreciate all the work you put into this review and your honesty. I love this game. But IGN says it sucks because you play as a straight white male…

  16. Thank you happy console gamer the game is definitely a 8 to 8.5 ign did not rate this game good at all I'm having fun with this game I really hope they flood it with dlc

  17. came over from ACG's channel in his mention about you. What he said was right, your absolutely clear and great in your reviews. Thanks for your content and keep up the good work!

  18. First time on your channel and the best review I have seen for Days Gone. I just finished the game and thought it was absolutely brilliant and glad I dismissed all the bad reviews then someone told me about your review and glad I just watched it, totally agree on the 8.5 rating. keep up the good work, subbed

  19. First time Ive watched one of your videos. I really relate to the way you describe your experience with this game. Ive watched a few reviews of it, but this is the first time Ive thought, yeah I really think I might like this one. I think I might get it. Thanks. I look foward to watching more of your videos. Im a passionate gamer as well, and enjoy listening others who share that passion.

  20. Great review , one of the few people who did a good review for this game, it's a great game and it only gets better the longer you play

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