Dave Feldman – ‘New Data on Energy, Exercise, and Cholesterol’

Dave Feldman is a senior software engineer, business developer and entrepreneur. He began a Low Carb, High Fat diet in April 2015 and after experiencing a significant rise in his total cholesterol he committed himself to learning everything he could about cholesterol and the lipid system.

As an engineer, Dave spotted a pattern in the lipid system that’s very similar to distributed objects in networks. Through research and N=1 experimentation he has revealed some very powerful data which he continues to share in this presentation and in further detail on his website; www.CholesterolCode.com

source: https://banglasemantics.net

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49 thoughts on “Dave Feldman – ‘New Data on Energy, Exercise, and Cholesterol’

  1. This is interesting way of monitoring health.

    Im planning to do this:
    I sleep 7hrs a day (7pm to 2am)
    I work at 3am till 8am.
    9am: Prepare my meal.
    Scrambles 10 eggs w/10 pinches of sea salt and cooked in 10 tbsp of lard (i rendered).
    10am drink plain black coffee (2 sticks of nescafe regular coffee) with tbsp of butter (unsalted)
    11 am to 2pm: Strength training (rest the next day) drinking 2 liters with 8 pinches of salt within workout time
    3pm : Eats scrambled eggs
    Drink a liter of water, eats tbsp of butter
    4:30 to 5:30pm- Running 5km
    6pm : Eats dinner
    7pm sleep

    What do u guys think about this?

    P. S. I would eat meat and beef liver as substitute for eggs.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXkE8_NdAyQ
    Hi Dave, love your presentations .. with regard to hyperresponders listen to Ken Sikaris, Melbourne pathologist .. you may already be familiar

  3. Dave, this is fascinating data, and presented immaculately.

    Now time to make your efforts explode into the popular culture. Let’s make your movie premier, “Super Size Me…Low Carb. Edition”
    Of course that’s a play on words because the ‘subject’ , an overweight person, eats drive-through fast-food everyday for a month, BUT…no fries, no bread, no soft drinks, no ice cream. They would eat meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mustard, mayo, water, black coffee.

    The kicker would be that am overweight person can eat a modified fast food meal 3-4 times daily for 30 days and lose weight. No excessive allowed, and bloodwork would be done every 3 days x 10.

    So what’s do you think?

  4. I love his research and what he is doing, but he could improve his way of sharing information. Many times in this video I was not sure what I'm looking at or what he is talking about.

  5. The Weizmann Institute of Science (via gut biome, genetics, etc ) is showing how each person reacts differently to foods…..for some a croissant with butter and jam spikes blood sugar and for others it does nothing….I wonder if you would consider this test and as part of your preamble describe how certain foods are friendly to you or not. It seems more and more that one persons experience with diet and health is different from others.

  6. Great presentation as always, Dave! Thank you for all you do to help the rest of us. You do make a difference and you are valued!

  7. Quitting caffeine changed my life!! I’m 7 months no caffeine, no teas and I’m a new person.. I have that child like happiness back, I’m sleeping so good, erections coming back like concrete.

  8. Not sure if helps anyone, but I had for years TG around 2, above recommended on carbs. They did not go up on keto, but they did not go lower either. BUT … what I found and checked several times with lab, it looks my TG goes under 100 only when taking CARNITINE. It looks only that influences them. Note however I do not eat meat that have a lot of carnitine, I eat mainly cheese & eggs on keto. Maybe if I would eat meat would have good TG and no need for additional carnitine.
    As for HDL, it was for years around 1, going on keto did not look like to improve, however there was tremendous improvement with adding Omega 3 (i also do not eat fish) from fish oil to around 1.50, when I add MCT oil I have constantly HDL between 165 and 180.

  9. So it’s time to cut coffee. This is going to be hard. I’ve never had a chemical addiction to anything except coffee.

  10. Thanks so very much for all the hard work you and your crew do. Data is data whether is medical or any other form. When I told my PCP that I was a retired Electrical Engineer, he actually started asking me for data sources that I was quoting while explaining to him why I was hesitant to go on a statin drug. Four years ago when I started with my Doc, he said to me that at 68, you know your body way better than I do, we'll work together. Keep up the great work!!

  11. It's malpractice for so many doctors and cardiologists to be putting patients on cholesterol drugs with everything we've known about this for at least a decade.

  12. Globalism. …and you think it's a good thing…..let's import that dreamy 3 world into the United States of America……right
    Globalism and liberalism is cancer.

  13. no comparison controls. n of 1. not controlling various relevant variables. no comparison to actually recommended diets eg MIND, dash, Mediterranean etc. This is not science but data masturbation

  14. I just wanted to throw something out there , I have been doing Keto off and on and now do I F as well as a few days a week carnivore , I'm doing this because these diet strategies are supposedly good for Alzheimer conditions which run in my family . Since we are talking cholesterol I found it a strange correlation that my GOOD cholesterol has always been high and talking to my brother he is the same as well as my mother who is loosing the battle with Alzheimer right now . Just wondering if any data out there is correlating the same thing . Thank you in advance .

  15. Hi Dave!
    About fasting 8, 9 10, 11, 12 hours and testing blood… What about results en HDL and LDL? No variations?

  16. This sorta matches what my numbers were when I was on a high carb diet. Low total cholesterol, Normal LDL, Low HDL, and high triglycerides. I have not had numbers taken lately but I expect I will have lower triglycerides, and higher HDL since I have been on Keto.

  17. Fantastic talk and data sharing, Dave! I'm one of those who entered my lipid profile data on your website based on an elevated LDL following a relatively low-carb pescatarian (not strict keto, but I eat limited quantities of high-quality carbs like berries, sweet potatoes and beans), and on probably 95% of days, I fast a minimum of 12 hours, with it usually being 14-16. My Dr. was bothered by my elevated LDL; never mind that my TG was something like 24, my VLDL was 8 and my HDL was good. She suggested possibly using a statin in the future – hell no!!

    Also, never mind that the labs I requested to look at inflammation were low (well, homocysteine was on the higher end of normal; I may have a B12 deficiency…), but my cardiac-specific C-reactive protein was 0.24, I think, which is incredibly low.

    When I ran all my numbers through the AIP formula on your site, it gave me a negative number. For reference, I'm 53, 5'6", and weigh around 120. My % body fat is a bit less than 20%. I lift weights and regularly do fasted cardio now (which I found to be by far the best way to do even long runs; I have yet to ever "bonk").

    So yeah, it isn't going to be CVD that takes me out ;).

    I don't have the financial or logistical means to run labs regularly, but I'd love to know how my labs change before and after the 9-mile fasted runs I've done. I figure between the fasting, lower carb and sustained aerobic exercise, I've likely depleted my liver and muscle glycogen, and am running on ketones. What is my BG and LDL like under these conditions? Very curious!



  18. Very lean guy, mid 20s.

    I've suffered from a Patulous Eustachian tube much of my life, exasperated by stimulants, the weather and multiple t-tube surgeries, and am thus a Non-coffee drinker.

    I've done the dirty bulking, my goal to weigh 200 lbs and came close at 192, this was before understanding carbs vs fat, hence dirty bulk.(Force feeding)

    After watching this, I plan to injest small dose or decaf Coffee as a way to boost my metabolism, balanced with a high enough fat intake to prevent "drying out"

    I expect massive strength gains, and a body weight increase, despite the stimulant on my metabolism.

  19. Regarding Dave’s comments at the end, it seems like he’s in a unique position to not only encourage more N of 1 experiments but maybe even coordinate them? It seems like crowd-sourced science could be exponentially more effect if all of the N of 1’s were performing many of the same experiments, following the same controls, then pooling their results together. Then we would have the best of both worlds, the power of N of 1 for each individual and the power of N of many to have a stronger, more established message.

  20. I started a 90% carnivore diet, after doing a strict keto diet for 6 months… on a blood test done in early July my triglycerides were 233 mg/dL, HDL 69 and LDL 202; a little concerned about the triglycerides, so I started looking on the internet and found Dave Feldman's self experiment. With that in mind I repeated the blood test a week later now making sure to be in a 12 hour fast window and my TG were 156, HDL 87 and LDL 276… not being totally sure about it, a month later I did the blood test again, now on a 18 hour fast window and my TG were 51, HDL 83 and LDL 337… having said that, I totally support Feldman's hypothesis.

  21. I feel great but this is what happened to me on KETO
    2/2019 BEFORE
    Total Cholesterol 184
    HDL 88
    LDL 86
    Triglycerides 48

    Then labs tested again 5 months later – AFTER 6/2019
    Total Cholesterol 220
    HDL 90
    LDL 120
    Tri 49
    . Thoughts?

  22. So with the white bread experiment, you eat white bread and process lean meats and the bad LDL cholesterol drops. This is supposed to be a good thing so I don’t understand your point?

  23. “Endocytosis “ ?
    Wanted to watch and learn from this video but it turned out to be confusing , it’s obviously not made for the Lehman who don’t have a firm grip on all of the terminology and nomenclature of the subject, how disappointing .

  24. He didn't try organic coffee in his hack. That's all I drink. There's glyphosate, flavorings, and other sh*t in regular coffee.

  25. When I started Keto I kept it under 5 grams. Lost weight and lots of toxins! I lost weight too fast in hindsight. Felt very sick during the process. I wasn't lipodemic though. I coach some who are. Fasting and walking has worked for them. I must say there's some psychology needed with for them. That's what I do along with Keto.

  26. 100 years ago all medical research was done this way. Then big medical and government involved and it was a good thing for a little while. Now that line of research is corrupted for a high percentage of projects. This is a disservice. Your renaissance crown research is refreshing and needed.

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