Cutting Through the Cholesterol Confusion with Dr. Barnard

Neal Barnard, M.D., F.A.C.C., presents about cutting through the cholesterol confusion at the 2015 International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine. Learn more about dietary cholesterol on the Physicians Committee website, including resources about the health concerns of eggs at Join Dr. Barnard and other experts at the 2019 International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine on July 26-27 in Washington, D.C.! Register at


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22 thoughts on “Cutting Through the Cholesterol Confusion with Dr. Barnard

  1. Cholesterol produces Testosterone yes we have evidence ,Cholesterol produces Estradiol yes we have evidence , Cholesterol produces D3 through sun light yes we have evidence, Cholesterol
    Contributes to cardiovascular disease yes but only because LDL becomes oxidized , LDL which is a liboprotein not the cholesterol and is very important for energy production. The oxidation of LDL occur when LDL cholesterol particles in your body react with free radicals; unstable molecules that are produced as a result of normal metabolism, a disease, or exposure to toxins. Free radicals cause oxidation, a type of chemical destabilization of molecules such as LDL cholesterol. its a shame he decided to miss out this little bit of information to try to make his point.

  2. What is your opinion of Ivor Cummins aka the Fat Empero, David Feldman (cholesterol code), and Dr William Davis. Apparently, despite what we physicians have been taught, LDL is quite a poor marker for CVD risk. Better marker is HDL/triglycerides which I believe should be less than 2. When elevated, is a sign of insulin resistance which is definitely a/the driver for almost all CVD.
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  3. my cholesterol is 283 and I eat absolutely no meat and no dairy! Apparently my liver is making all of it. I don't know what to do as I am eating raw fruits and vegetables

  4. Cholesterol is the wrong issue from day 1. LDL cholesterol does NOT cause atherosclerosis or cardiovascular disease. It's a huge lie. Go to the YouTube websites of Ford Brewer MD, or Ivor Cummins if you want to know the real causes!!

  5. What a ton of rubbish. Oxidized cholesterol? I know oxidized LDL due to seed oils. Cholesterol is essential to human health. The brain is made of cholesterol. If you ingest dietary cholesterol the body stops making more.

  6. A number of western European countries have significant percentages of their populations with raised cholesterol levels e.g. France, yet they have some of the lowest levels of mortality from heart disease in the world. In addition, these same countries have some of the highest meat, dairy and saturated fat consumption. SO how exactly does raised cholesterol or saturated fat intake get the blame for increased heart disease mortality risk?

  7. Ancel Keys had proven to be a liar and fixed his research! You are a vegan therefore will try and push veganism so you are biased therefore you cannot be taken seriously….sorry doc nice try.

  8. Calling bullshit. A free range egg holds more nutritional value than any food on earth. This is just vegan hooplaa

  9. Cholesterol is not bad for you. This is propaganda for the pharmaceutical companies to sell more cholesterol reducing drugs, that`s why they keep lowering the "healthy" cholesterol limit, so they could sell more drugs to more people… If you eat a balanced diet without sugar you`ll be fine.

  10. Why don't you just admit that everyone needs cholesterol and be done with it. Stop trying to us all off. Which of the drug companies do you work for?

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