Cholesterol is Good – Vegetables are TOXIC & Veganism is a SCAM on innocent people!

I’m just getting started when it comes to uncovering the truth about the vegetable conspiracy. I hope you will all stay tuned for more. Until then, enjoy this compilation and reupload. Share far and wide.

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39 thoughts on “Cholesterol is Good – Vegetables are TOXIC & Veganism is a SCAM on innocent people!

  1. By telling my audience I am their flat earth nurse, it should become clear that I am the people's nurse. I do not pass pharmaceuticals for a paycheck and there is no logical reason for you to assume that I do. Look up the definition of the word nurse, it means to nourish and heal people. I work from home in my science lab of a kitchen making healing products. I actually do things that heal people for real. I have left official nursing to come to YouTube to tell people the truth

  2. As an ex vegan of 3 years, who was deathly sick, I applaud you! I also had death threats. Veganism by far is the most hateful ugly and dangerous cult there is. I'm now healing from a primarily meat based diet.

  3. I realize…. I never eat any of that stuff… It all tastes nasty… That's kinda a human thing… If it tastes good, like greasy meat and ice cream… It's good… If it tastes nasty, like eggplant… Don't eat it. If you eat read meats with blood…. You won't crave sugar to fill in your calorie gap.

  4. Even Milk, cheese and cream on their own would be better then this my mum had a overactive thyroid my dad had an underactive thyroid. Can it be genetic too? Should I be worried.

  5. Keep making videos!!!!! I've been consuming 12 thru 20 raw eggs per day for years as well as raw meat. Love my rare cooked meats as well. Avoid carbohydrates they're all pathogenic

  6. I dont eat hummus. But i had a few containers and ate one with pretzels all in a night. I woke up to a puffy face, and what felt like a hangover. Needless to say, i threw it out and that shit went in the garbage where it belonged. Fuck a bean.

  7. I have with experienced from vegetarian to vegan and back to grass fed meats, that…my body seriously thrives on more fat! Feel so good

  8. A nurse at my local doc office told the truth once: The biggest contributor to dangerously high cholesterol: carbs. It's not the meat on your burger that's the problem. It's the buns. I don't eat bread n grains anymore. Guess what: my cholesterol is just fine. I stopped using oil when frying stuff. I don't eat stir fry. I've limited my intake of fruit and veggies. I've never felt better.

  9. Daphine I have clear grey teeth. OMG !!!!!! THANK YOU MY son just says I gone to dark side of youtube.👍 lol 😂 💟💕💚💛💜

  10. Meat Dairy and Eggs. I love it. Fantastic Video, as usual, Daphne. I loved your comment about dumbasses claiming they can "see curvature" from the top of a building let alone anywhere! It's not THERE. OMG, fucking RETARDED. I learned, as an artilleryman about all that back in 2002, but was told to shut the fuck up when i asked my C.O. why, if a target we just painted is 14 miles away, and we are "x" far away to the North from the equator (where they claim we spin @ 1000mph) so are probably spinning around 750 mph, shouldn't we be aiming at the spot where that target is going to be eight seconds from now when our 155mm blows the shit out of it? Dumbass put me in the front of our convoy for three months for insubordination. smh, I talked with other ex-military in 2009 who jumped out of planes for a living & we finally pieced it together. And they confirmed it: No spinning, No coreolis effect, no curve and yes….according to the purported, claimed and given math, we CAN see too far. Thanks for standing up for TRUTH in ALL regards, not just nutrition. After i gave up tomatoes and eggplant, my gout and joint pain DISAPPEARED. I have YOU to thank for that, Miss. Thank you a thousand times, Gorgeous. One question: I love Meat, Dairy, and Eggs and get all my nutritional needs met with them, but do you think Wild Fish and/or No-Yeast Sourdough bread are okay? The Happy Honey Big Bear loves his Salmon, you understand and i don't want to give up my Honeycomb either if i can help it, and a good grilled cheese sammie is hard to find. You think i'm okay still eating Honey, Wild Sockeye or Soho Salmon & Natural old-grain Sourdough, Young Lady? Please advise, if you can. Thanks, Beautiful! Peace and Love <3 <3 <3

  11. Do you follow Dr. Paul Saladino? He's a mine of information on the Carnivore lifestyle, plus all the science anyone would ever need to debunk veganism.

  12. I liked the interview at the end. Then I went and listed to newer vids of Steven Gundry and he is now advocating lentils and saying to have 2 vegan days a week. Also to cut down on "land animal" consumption. I guess they got to him.

  13. Kasey doesn't know what he is lol! I love your channel; thank you Daphne your hard work convinced me to go carnivore and I'm so much happier!

  14. I injured my knee (torn fascia), and it wasn't getting better. I was looking at knee surgery. I heard about how important how important animal fats are for building tissue structure (Ivor Cummins – the Fat Emperor). I thought it was worth a try. I cut out all vegetable oils (even olive oil), and really loaded on the animal fat. I cooked everything in bacon fat, butter, and beef tallow. I added on heavy cream in sauces, piled big blobs of butter on everything I could think of. In 3 weeks, my knee was perfectly healed. No surgery needed. I've developed quite a taste for roasted pork bellies, and I save all the lard for future cooking. Fat's where it's at.
    Oh, one other thing – Spirulina is just pond scum.

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