Caravans Of Pharma Refugees Go To Canada For Insulin

“Quinn Nystrom was expecting the worst.

She thought the U.S. Border Patrol would want to search her car. That she would be bombarded with questions. That they would demand she show her prescription for insulin.

Worst of all, she was worried they would confiscate the small, cold vials of a life-saving drug that she had crossed the border to buy at a pharmacy in Fort Frances, Ont.”

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39 thoughts on “Caravans Of Pharma Refugees Go To Canada For Insulin

  1. Americans going to Canada to buy Insulin has resulted in a shortage of the drug. Who the fuck do you assholes think you are to do that. Leave OUR prescriptions alone

  2. Government in the pockets of the drug companies and the drug companies robbing Americans blind. As a Canadian it saddens me that they are forcing people to come to Canada for medicine. I am glad that we can help you.

  3. I can't even afford my insulin and I live in Canada….Insulin in Canada is not $30 dollars…. My 1 insulin cost $185

  4. Is Rand Paul among these Americans traveling to Canada over healthcare / medication concerns?

  5. I wouldn`t suggest the UK NHS is the best. But we pay £2892 per head per annum USA pays £7617. Life expectancy in the UK is TWO YEARS LONGER than the USA…. So, LESS than HALF the cost for TWO YEARS EXTRA LIFE. How else can you measure it. Why is there even a debate? Who is stealing not only your money but your years?

  6. – "pay b*, or die … MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" (pharma companies in the US)
    – "that is reasonable and good and great… and any social policies are just immoral and evil… socialism equals poverty and genocide… Stalin… Venezuela… Cuba…" (fox news reporting)

  7. “Breaking Bad” the tv show only works in if the story is in the USA, think how ridiculous it would be if it was in Canada!

  8. We're not going to get a handout! We aren't looking to ask then to put us up with their tax dollars because we can't fix our own country!

  9. America is the land of idiots!!!! And we’re proud of it. {Let’s keep voting for Republicans}. Let’s keep watching Fox “News” and believing their lies. We love unaffordable healthcare/medicines, giving Billionaires HUGE tax-cuts, destroying the environment, having crappy low-wage jobs, etc.

  10. I don't want to defend Trumpist but these are not refugees. These people are the litteral definition of economic migrants. They can't pay for stuff so they go somwhere they can afford it.

  11. We need to reverse the billionaire libertarian ideology of taxation is theft. Paying your taxes is patriotic, and those taxes SHOULD go towards helping to improve society not improving corporate portfolios.

  12. Kyle said about paid holiday leave, in the UK if you work for an agency you get get £1 added to your holiday fund for every £13 you earn. If you are a contracted worker you get a minimum of ten working days (Most get 15) paid leave plus ten days in public holiday pay, so if you have to work that day you get an extra paid day off at another time. Before I retired as a Registered Nurse I got six weeks holiday pay. I got the extra ten public holidays but being in public service if I worked on a holiday I was paid double pay and a paid day off at another time. I used to get time plus 30% for every hour after 8pm to 8am Monday to Friday and the same for working on a Saturday but I got time plus 60% for any Sunday hours I worked.

  13. Canadians get it for about $6. The Americans are paying the higher price of $30 because they have to have a private prescription from their American doctor. I am living in England and you can get your year long prescription for about $160. An individual prescription is about $10 per item. However I must say that over 70% of prescriptions are for people who are exempt from charges. Almost 20% are for people with a prepayment certificate who pay the annual fee of $160. The remaining 10% of prescriptions for people who pay for their drugs by the item because they do not take regular medications, these people only see a doctor when they are unwell and need things like antibiotics and steroids. All birth control is free of charge. Insulin in the UK is always prescribed free of charge because certain chronic conditions carry a free of charge specifically for prescription used in the treatment of that condition. So in the UK a prescribed medication will cost you now more than $10 and that includes drugs that cost $2,000 a month in the USA. Another difference here is that though my anti-parkinsons drug costs over $1,000 for a months supply, I get it free for life (instead of $10 a prescription) because I took part in the Partially Government Funded drug trial. I must however say that from my groups I do not know anybody who pays for this drug as we come under one or more exempted groups.

  14. Republicans are crying for big pharma because there's a chance their CEOs may not be able to buy their monthly Lamborghini if we keep harping on price gouging.

  15. You know cock sucker, maybe if your party had'nt started the fake collusion ,wich tyt bought into PRES. Trump would be getting more done.
    I notice your geezer jumped on TRUMPS
    Tax cut. By his own words it hurts the middle class, what does that say about your sell out?

  16. The problems in central American countries were ALL caused by US interference in their politics.
    And now we have thousands of helpless people seeking safety.

  17. "Americans, they're comin on mass to our border for our medicine, and healthcare. they're rapist, they're criminals. I assume some are good people, but don't let your guard down even for a moment, even the seeming good ones can have knives up their sleeves, or hidden up their asses"

    that is about what I would be saying if I was the Canadian president, on this matter.

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