Glucomannan’s claim to weight loss is owed to its ability to absorb water quickly and form a gel which fills the stomach, giving you a feeling of being full. Food calories that get caught up in this gel are more likely to be excreted out of the body rather than be absorbed. It also reduces the appetite-inducing hormone ghrelin.

A 2015 study suggested that glucomannan supplementation reduced both body fat and weight without the loss of lean mass or bone density sometimes associated with weight loss. In further studies, when compared to ineffective supplements, the use of a glucomannan supplement by overweight individuals prompted significant weight loss.

Additionally, glucomannan has the potential to act as a therapy for insulin resistance syndrome. It enhances the immune system in the gut. Glucomannan also has a positive effect on triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose.

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  1. This can be found in any health food, vitamin store, or online. Many people have asked what the main difference between Glucomannon and Psyllium. Both psyllium fiber and glucomannan work by absorbing water once in the intestines, forming a bulky mass, which can help move waste through the digestive tract. Of the two fibers, glucomannan may be effective in smaller doses. NYU Langone Medical Center notes that glucomannan can swell up to 17 times its original volume when immersed in water. Both glucomannan and psyllium are available in various forms including powder, capsules and tablets.
    The reason why I edited this video was to inform the public that by supplementing Glucomannon before meals many people have lost an average of 2 pounds per week doing nothing different. A study published in 2005 in "Medical Science Monitor" tested glucomannan along with two other fiber supplements for increasing weight loss. The study found that glucomannan was able to induce weight loss in healthy overweight subjects while the other fibers tested were not.
    With all respect, I believe exercise is always a plus and will be more of a benefit increasing metabolism and losing weight.

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  5. Hi Dr.Mandel,when is the right time to take glucomannan, because I take it on the morning and I was tire The whole day , I fell sleep within half an hour,thank God I was off,please let me know thank you and God bless.

  6. Hello Dr. Mandel
    I am from south india tamil nadu state. I recently saw your videos and very much glad. I have a doubt in this video regarding weight loss. I studied in an article that MERATRIM slimming capsules are more effective than glucomannan. Meratrim helps wright as well inch loss. Is it true. If it is true, kindly send me the sellers link. Bcz i dont know which is original. I need your explanation. Bcz i trust you more. Beware of fradulent products you simply give the right product sellers link in your description. It will be more helpful to ur followers.

  7. I’m so confused on what to eat/drink anymore. Had my 6 month check up in March. A1C 5.7…Thyroid .43……Cholesterol high280. A change in my synthroid dosage didn’t help it went to .34. Dr. Only checked my TSH but I think I need to ask for a full Thyroid panel. Would it be rude for me to ask the Dr. For a full Thyroid panel?

  8. Okay, let me give you my experience. I am first of all mainly plant based diet so I eat a lot of fiber.
    The first time I took 1/2 dose in water, 1 hour later I could put to shame the sulfur coming out of the pit of hell, I have never experienced such gas, it filled the bedroom. I couldn't stand myself. After an hour or so it finally passed. It could power a go cart. Next morning, I drank another glass of 1/2 ts. 1 hour later I felt the need to go. I started to walk towards the bathroom and began to sprint. Didn't quite make it. Never had this ever happen before by taking fiber. What a mess.
    I don't think I can do this on a regular basis, I don't know if I can even try it again. So, If you do give it a try, make sure you are home that day, DO NOT take it in the morning before work. Make sure then you are near a bathroom, and tell everyone to not use it for a while.
    Not everyone may experience this, but this is a WARNING though of what may happen, especially if you do not eat much fiber.
    I read it take take up to 3 weeks for your body to adjust to it. Well, who has 3 weeks to never leave their house? If you are one who experiences the same effects and I,then once you get to the 3 week mark, I wouldn't stop taking it, or you may have to start all over again.
    You decide if its worth it.
    Well, one good thing. I may not need to go to the bathroom again for a few days, lol
    I used the NOW brand in powder form. I guess now it'll sit on my pantry shelf for a year then decide to toss it.
    Good luck

  9. I hope this helps my persisting high triglycerides, I’ve been taking psyllium husk consistently for the last year and my triglycerides have still not approved, I will try glucomannan, any suggestions for me Dr.?

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