6 thoughts on “Best Banh Mi in Vietnam – Hanoi Old Quarter

  1. Ha Noi and HCMC are like New Orleans x 10. And you definitely get the feeling like blending in with the Hanoians and the Saigonese living their daily life. I still get over how fresh their food are, and so cheap, and are literally everywhere. I lived 10 years in Vietnam, loved it, I still missing riding the scooter with my wife laughing in my ears and hearing my kids joke with each other, suddenly smell something good, and just pulled over, and eat something delicious that the proprietor is rightfully proud of. I moved back to the States since 2013 and eating at a mall, with very little characters, really diminish the food being served.

  2. Great video guys, looks like a very colourful and vibrant city. That music was a bit manic though go for something a bit more chilled out

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