Beijing’s first Shiba Inu dog cafe is a crowd pleaser

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Zhao Songxue adopted a Shiba Inu dog while studying in Japan and when she returned to China she opened the first Shiba Inu cafe in Beijing. Customers can order desserts and drinks while playing with Shiba dogs. After its opening in May 2019, the small establishment became a hit on social media and is now a popular spot in the capital.

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35 thoughts on “Beijing’s first Shiba Inu dog cafe is a crowd pleaser

  1. Since I struggled a lot finding the exact place, and as a Beijing Tourist this was my first thought, I will post the address to help someone that really is interested
    So the place name is "大黄家柴犬主题咖啡店(三里屯店)"
    If you take the metro, the nearest station is the DongDaQiao 东大桥, line 6
    I really hope this could help someone find the place easier 🙂

  2. It's very bad for dogs' health and mental condition that dogs are in one small place and face too many people everyday. It's extremely stressful and easy to get mental disorder. Please don't do this kind of business. Just be satisfied with video or picture.

  3. I hope these people also speak out against their country's HORRIFIC treatment of animals. I really get uncomfortable when I see Chinese people and animals because they have almost no welfare laws and culturally they possess very little empathy when it comes to animal comfort. I pray these dogs are alright.

  4. thats what i wanna do actually but instead of a coffee shop i want to have a dog day care and also have a boutique where i sell dog clothes, collars, leashes etc..

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