Bad Cholesterol (LDL) is NOT Cholesterol and Is NOT Bad!

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the so-called “bad cholesterol”, LDL. LDL is not cholesterol and is not bad. LDL is a lipoprotein, a protein shell that holds fat to transport it. The liver also makes a cargo boat called VLDL or Very Low-Density Lipoprotein and its purpose is to send out and unload the nutrients and minerals to provide fuel to the cells, material to the cell walls, hormones, and antioxidants. When the VLDL is unloaded, it turns into LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein.

LDL is at the location of the clogged arteries to help heal it and it is only dangerous if you have oxidized cholesterol. Insulin can oxidize cholesterol regardless of how high the blood sugars are and it isn’t necessarily caused by eating sugar but because of having insulin resistance.

Things that Could Create Bad LDL
1. High Sugar
2. High Insulin

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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34 thoughts on “Bad Cholesterol (LDL) is NOT Cholesterol and Is NOT Bad!

  1. My LDL cholesterol is 202, HDL 70, Triglycerides 85. Glucose 98, A1c 5.2. I feel great and not changing a thing.

  2. One thing I believe to be true….high LDL is an "indicator" of a problem because as Dr. Berg says, it's a repair mechanism arriving to do repair. And its existence in quantity at the repair site coupled with presence of high insulin levels causes further damage via further oxidation of the "repair mechanism". WOW! The bandaid itself becomes the destroyer! And with further destruction, more band aids arrive and become oxidized doing further damage etc etc. until the blockage drops you to your knees.
    It's good to know this can be reversed via keto, IF and the lowering of IR. Arteries will heal.

  3. Doing low carbs and significant increase in egg consumption (over nearly 2 years) ive managed to bring my HDL levels up from the danger zone-

    After eating 10 to 12 eggs a week (from virtually 2 a month 2 years ago) my figures are as follows-

    Hdl 62
    Ldl 112
    Chlorestral ratio 2.8
    Triglycerides (not known) but all blood well in normal range-

    My Hdl 2 yeas ago was under 40

  4. all the low carb data sounds great but when i do it- theres just infinite lethargy….Ive done it multiple times. I dont think we are all meant to burn fat

  5. *So if my LDL is currently 321 after 6 mos of Keto, it should come down eventually if I stay on Keto? Doc wants me on statin. I am nervous about the high level and wondering how I may need to change my diet. Thank you *

  6. We need Cholesterol —What we do not want is Dense LDL Lipoprotein—-after my massive heart attack my doctor gave me the LDL Lipoproein test—I have calcofied aorta–calcified arteries—I now take K2-7—blood thinners cause a build up of calcium in soft tissues—-!!!!

  7. Its literally like watching a school teacher explaining about this. But here i dont feel bored at all. I listen to what he says with big patience and carefulness. He is so much pleasant than the teachers on school. Hell i even learned more things from him about the human body than in our school

  8. I have high ldl as well as high lipoprotein a which I read is genetically predisposed. The problem for me is that a high ldl as well as a high lipoprotein a is dangerous. Is there a way to lower your lipoprotein a? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks

  9. Dr. Berg I was hoping you would touch a little on the type A and type B LDL. Is there correlation there for concern? I read in the great cholesterol myth higher triglycerides might be indicative of high type B LDL which is atherogenic. Obviously its best to test to be sure but i was wondering if maybe you will touch on this in future videos. Thank you for all your great content. It feels at times we have all the information in the world at our fingertips yet are misinformed more than ever.

  10. I have small white specs on or near my eyelids. The are said to be caused by high cholesterol. Is this true and can my cholesterol be too high? Are they a warning sign?

  11. Thank you for this very simple explanation. I am one month unto keto diwt and IF. I already am having relief from muscle and tendon pain. Age 62, female.

  12. "Possibility" "Maybe"
    If the researchers dont state the insuline reaction as FACT, who give you the permission to state this as if it was completely proven?????

    You are a liar

  13. Yeah, a quiropractor knows more than a nobel prize winner, yeah….right, keep the lies men, they are making you rich

  14. Doc, you look fine, but your ears are way out in front of your shoulders. Not good. You may want to have that addressed. Keep up the good work.

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