Andrew vs Dillon Sykes – USTA 5.0 Men’s Singles

A grinding physical match and a great opponent who recently graduated from CNU. I had my chances including a couple match points but have no problem holding my head high after this one.

Final Score Loss: 6-3 6-7 11-13
Andrew (Blue) Dillon (Grey)


Recorded using Sony FDR-AX100 Video Camera:

Also use this 2.7k video GoPro:

To clamp the camera to the fence or fence windscreen I use this:

For matches over 1 hour your going to want an extra battery:

My Racquet, mine has different paint but same thing:

For my string I am stringing at 50 pounds and using this string:


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31 thoughts on “Andrew vs Dillon Sykes – USTA 5.0 Men’s Singles

  1. As much as I admire your baseline game (better that mine will ever be), I cringe every time you hesitate to follow an attacking shot to the net. He bailed you out on the first point of the video. He did a great job of moving to the net, though.

  2. great play, u both. nice to see Andrew's passing shots. most are not able to approach the net against him, and his topspin is almost unplayable up there. doubles training is paying off!

  3. Another great video and match! I know some (many) people has suggested you to flaten your forehand or work on your service. I am not going to mention anything about them (I think your top spin forehand is very good for clay anyway). But in my opinion there is something that you could improve and it is easier to implement it because you only need to make some small corrections, I am talking about the slice. I suggest you watch some videos from Dimitrov, Federer or Feliciano, and pay atention and compare their body position against yours (you are too much in front of the ball, they are more sided), so your body position doesn´t allow you to start the movement from behind. They start the movement behind them and finish the movement ahead, also because they are sided they can rotate the body and impulse the body with the legs, as a result the shot is heavier and deeper…check it out. A fast, deep and low slice is an amazing weapon that could be of great help specially to your kind of game. My two cents.

  4. ゲームかと思ったわww

  5. Had the opportunity to see Dillon play at the Hampton Tennis Center just a couple of weekends ago. He is definitely one of the fastest guys I have ever seen on the courts. He defeated Lorenzo Sison, who has been terrorising the PTPA tournaments (smile) this entire summer. That was a fun match to watch, and the first time I have seen anyone out play Lorenzo!

  6. For first few seconds, I thought it was some sort of PC game. 😂 😂 😂
    Nevertheless, I enjoyed this game of tennis

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