7 thoughts on “American Tourister Bon Air Spinner S (55cm, 31.5 liters) Black / Bagage Cabine Noir【4K】

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  2. Thanks for the video! This bag appears to be good quality for the price.

    Can you show me what's inside the bag, beneath all that fabric? At time index 3:20 there's a long zipper running across the bottom all the way from left to right. When you open this zipper you can access the internal workings of the bag. Not that you would often do it but sometimes (maintenance purposes, airport security searches) you must.

    I guess the top half of the bag also has a similar construction, with a zipper that opens to reveal the internal workings of the bag. I'm just curious to know because airport security searches can be quite thorough. They will literally rip your suitcase apart if they think there's something illegal (drugs, etc) hidden inside the fabric lining.

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