Amazing Novak Djokovic ‘Elastic’ Points

Happy 32nd birthday to the World No. 1, the most flexible man in tennis 💪 Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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49 thoughts on “Amazing Novak Djokovic ‘Elastic’ Points

  1. Even as a die hard Nadal fan, I'm glad Djokovic has come in between the Nadal & Federer duopoly.

    He's made tennis infinitely more exciting as a result and long may it continue.

    You can actually make a valid argument in favour of any one of the three.

    To think there was a time Djokovic looked done, yet he keeps coming back and getting to balls that are impossible for others.

    What a player!!!

  2. Every time that commentator says ' Against 99 out of 100 players that would have been good enough, but not against…' I just start saying the words with him. Hilarious.

  3. I must admit that he is an impenetrable wall of excellence, but with that also follows an incredibly boring style of play. I rather watch paint dry

  4. Personally, I don't like Djokovic at all, but if anyone who says he is less than Federer or Nadal is not sane but insane and biased as f*ck…

  5. For 99 out of every 100 comments, this video would have been good enough… but of course, this comment is not in that category.
    [P.S. My comment is the 100th comment :P]

  6. I just think the point against Wawrinka in US Open 2016 (2 game of that match) should have been here… I'd even dare to say it's the best defense I've seen in tennis history… 👀🤩🧠💣

  7. Happy Birthday, Novak! Your elastic movements in playing are fantastic. Nobody can do that in tennis history.

  8. The greatest returner in tennis history. Outstanding flexibility and fitness, and just an all round nice guy. My idol and a joy to watch. It's been an honour to watch you play live Novak, and I hope you have an amazing birthday. Make sure to eat some grass, as that's what 🐐s do 😉

  9. One point that showcases his reach and stretch the best is the one in the 2013 WTF final against Nadal. He played an INSANE point when Nadal was serving at 3-4 break point down. Went from defense to offense so quickly!

    Happy birthday Nole!

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