Active UV Light Testing!

Taking a look at UV resistant acrylic and glass. Does it live up to the hype?

Samples tested:

UV “resistance” acrylic: 11.8% resistance to UV light
UltraPro One Touch: 99% resistance to UV light
Custom plexi acrylic: 99% resistance to UV light
Custom glass: 99% resistance to UV light

General thickness of all samples was 1/8 of an inch or under.

If you guys would like me to test something for you, let me know! I would be happy to test and post results!


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5 thoughts on “Active UV Light Testing!

  1. Hey silver snorlax, I could think of nobody else but you to mention the following,

    The variation in the tint of yellow used on the borders of WOTC cards.

    After watching your videos experimenting with how different acts of physics damage Pokémon cards over time, it got me wondering; were the variations of yellow in WOTC Pokémon card borders this way straight off the press? OR, Are these variations in yellow due to physical changes to the card afterwards.

    I have a stack of WOTC cards and the yellow border on all of them All vary.

    My Pokémon cards from when I was a kid have the most exotic tint of yellow out of any of them, as these endured decades of temperature and atmospheric fluctuations with only the protection of a binder.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I thought of you when examining this..non-issue.

    You pull a lot of pack fresh cards or purchase gem 10s, how do these compare to the oldest Pokémon cards in your collection? Is there great variation in the yellows like mine?

    I’d be happy to post photos, I really need to get on that ‘E4’ soon.

  2. Great video. I just received a 99% UV protected glass from the brand “framemycollection”. Using it, I’m framing several valuable cards in a room with very little sunlight (no direct light). Do you think I’ll be okay? Room is honestly dark 20 hours a day aside from the lamp

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