Accessibility at DLWP with Penny Pepper

The modernist De La Warr Pavilion was built on the principles of equality and opportunity for all. Eight decades later, we strive to uphold these principles and try to ensure that our building and programme is accessible to as many people as possible.

We asked Penny Pepper, founder of HAVE (Hastings Accessible Venues and Events) and author, campaigner and activist, to help us create a film that people can watch before they visit the Pavilion. We hope this will help our visitors know what to expect when they get here, that we can meet their needs and be assured that they will receive a great welcome. The film takes you through all the spaces in the Pavilion and includes information on physical access to all areas, large print texts, disabled toilet facilities and much more.

We invited a crew from Carousel, an organisation that helps learning disabled artists develop and manage their creative lives to shoot and edit the film for us. Carousel are the founders of the Oska Bright Film Festival which recently became accredited by the BFI.

Visit the DLWP Accessibility web page here:
To see what live shows, workshops and free events DLWP has coming up:

Penny Pepper’s website:
About Carousel:
About the Oska Bright Film Festival:


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One thought on “Accessibility at DLWP with Penny Pepper

  1. The accessible toilet emergency cord isn't as long as it should be, it should be no more than 2 inches from the floor, so that if someone with short arms or no arms (they can use the toilet on their own, so it's not a case that a PA would be in there with them) have an accident, they can't reach the cord if it's more than 2 inches from the floor! xx
    Other than that, I love the DLWP though and love your video 🙂 xx

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