A Provocative Question About Cholesterol and Mortality

Why wouldn’t we be looking at LDL Cholesterol and its association with longevity?

Studies shown/mentioned:
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

The Association Between Lower Levels of Low-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Cancer Predates the Diagnosis of Cancer by 18 Years

Towards a Paradigm Shift in Cholesterol Treatment. A Re-examination of the Cholesterol Issue in Japan.

Is the use of cholesterol in mortality risk algorithms in clinical guidelines valid? Ten years prospective data from the Norwegian HUNT 2 study.

source: https://banglasemantics.net

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29 thoughts on “A Provocative Question About Cholesterol and Mortality

  1. Well if they observe that LDL is low in cancer patients, then you would be correct in thinking that low LDL may be a marker for something on the way but not quite there yet. And then you have the reverse effect where if you had high LDL could that be your body‘s way of protecting you from cancers that could form. Interesting….

  2. I distinctly recall seeing a chart re senior citizen ldl and mortality rate were Mr. Feldman–believe it was him–took his conclusions re high ldl is better for mortality from a total of 5 individuals who made to 100 and completely ignored that the very highest mortality rate given any significant # of people was for those with LDL in the175 to 250 range to best of my recollection. moreover, what's this fixation on mortality rate? isolating one variable for that purpose is meaningless. what would prove something–show us the relationship of heart disease and ateriorsclerosis with high ldl per the interview u had with Peter Lansberg. Wild guess it will be high.

  3. So why cardiologist still say that high LDL is proven to cause heart problem? I've been sent to a center with cholesterol specialist (https://ircm.qc.ca), they are testing me to see if I have FH. My LDL is a little more than 7 (270), my mother is the same but now at 4 with statins and my sister is 7 but her hdl is 4!!I don't have the common genes for FH but they are still testing. I've done a cardiac CT scan too but didn't see my result yet.I'm on a low-carbs diet, doing IF and little exercise each day (41, 5'9" 140lbs).

  4. Of course, it's too much to ask to read comments to the publications…

  5. Don't you get that cholesterol deposition involves more than just LDL? How is transcytosis influenced besides LDL particles concentration? How is retention by chondroitin sulfate regulated? Are there mutations which change chondroitin synthesis? We know there are mutations which influence cholesterol efflux from the foam cells.
    Yes, we ARE VERY CERTAIN that LDL-C/LDL-P is the most crucial factor, but that doesn't mean it's the only factor. What you are looking at is the survivor bias – the fact that those people are still alive tells us that they have other protective factors. How hard it is to get all that? Read some textbooks for God's sake! Clinical Lipidology for example.

  6. ‪The hydrocarbons we put in our bodies and in our cars are the most lied about precious resources in modern history. ‬

    ‪The ramifications are untold suffering.

    Fortunately the chemistry and physics which describe our world are consistent and predictable so you won’t have to “believe” to understand.

    Thanks again Mr. Feldman, what a great service you are doing.

  7. Our ability to have access to this information is limited. Corporations are already trying to profit off of the interest in the topic "keto" and trying to use the term for marketing purposes while creating processed products that will lead us to failure in an attempt to steer us away from the truth. Corporate Sugar will be the end of our people if we don't have the will power to stop supporting them.

  8. Sad that it's 2019 and these and other questions regarding CVD haven't been answered definitely. Even with all the new information that has come out, we're still walking in the dark, taking educated guesses at who to believe and which path to follow.

  9. You should watch this video it is dynamite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPjKJfajhAw It answers your question !!

  10. It’s not even remotely powerful! It’s observational, it was a meta analysis only, so who the hell knows other confounders there were. And we have very strong data from PCSK9 loss of functions people that suggest absolutely no adverse effect of an LDL-c orders of magnitude below the mean.
    The problem with your hypothesis is that most of LDL-C in circulation is never used between it release by the liver and return to the liver. And every cell in the body makes all the cholesterol it needs and does not get LDL-c from the serum. The one exception is steroidogenic cells that will upregulate LDL-r when making hormones.
    It’s a question, but I don’t think it’s a particularly important one.

  11. I've had three doctors phone me in the last month to tell me my cholesterol is dangerously high and I must go on statins. I'm off to get a private CAC which they say they won't refer me for!

  12. I hope this is good news for me personally, because my LDL has tested over 300 in 3 tests this year, but in the one NMR test it showed to be mostly large pattern A LDL, and very little small LDL. In my most recent test, my HDL was 91, and my triglycerides were down to 55, with VLDL at 11.

  13. My LDL has been at 220 for many years w/o a statin in sight despite repeated attempts to get me to take it. I wonder why I'm not dead yet.
    No, it's not bcz it takes 10's of years. That stupid belief is what fuels a corrupt medical industry. Dummy

  14. Great video. Similar data and thinking about the inverse correlation as in the paper looking at the various Japan studies https://www.karger.com/Article/Abstract/381654

  15. Understanding how the scientific method works, how studies are made, how to read them and especially not to just take for granted conclusions should be part of general education. Any medium IQ person is able to look at bad studies and see that the conclusions are often forced to fit an agenda.

  16. I discussed the cholesterol suggested markers with a friend of mine who is a doctor. He accepted that doctors are being educated with the known markers and it is "law" for them to keep saying the same things. He also admitted that although he needs to check more on the latest findings re cholesterol as he was not aware of it (!), and IF let's say be convinced, he will avoid discussing it with his patients because only one or two out of one hundred will understand it. The rest will run away from him and he will get a "crazy doctor" stamp with all the implications in his way of living. I don't blame him, most doctors I guess think the same way; they are humans after all…

  17. I think where our current science is, we still don't truly understand the lipid energy & repair systems in our body.
    Just look at this study, this 88 year old had a serum cholesterol ranging between 3.88 to 5.18 mmol per liter (150 to 200 mg per deciliter), while consistently eating every day on average 25 hard boiled eggs. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1953841
    Another point I'd like to make, when looking at LDL-C data, one needs to determine who are on statins and who are not, those on statins are affecting CoQ10 availability to the mitochondria "Complex I & II – statins a cancer risk factor", also what about those supplementing with CoQ10, while others maybe low responders APOEe2. This is a complex area of genetics, meds, toxins and other environmental, dietary like MCTs and other known or unknown reasons affecting the lipid system.
    Thanks mate, for all the hard work you put in to this area, to demystify it for us.

  18. Checkout "Diet, lifestyle and mortality in China" got Section "M005 ALL35-69" and you will find all findings confirmed.

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