A Cool Trick To Lower Cholesterol Level Naturally (No Pills)

Want to lower your cholesterol naturally? Well, this video provides you with a cool trick that will lower your cholesterol naturally and fast.

Learn how you can lower your cholesterol quickly using a natural strategy. You can lower your blood cholesterol level quickly using this dietary approach. No statins required.

If you know about this cholesterol lowering strategy, you can employ it to reduce your bad cholesterol within days. It’s nice to have principles. Principles last a lifetime. They don’t fade away because they are not fads.

This video is about a cholesterol lowering principle. Once you learn it, you can apply it anytime. That’s why you need to have it as a tool. If you have a tool and you know how to use it, then you can call upon it anytime.

You can use the tool effectively at will. This tool is about how to lower your cholesterol levels. Learn it and you keep your cardiovascular health safe for life because you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Protect your cardiovascular health. Keep your cholesterol levels low especially your LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is bad for your health especially the Small particle LDL cholesterol. Keep it in check.

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47 thoughts on “A Cool Trick To Lower Cholesterol Level Naturally (No Pills)

  1. Excellent. Great and credible information and easy to understand. I just found you in my recommendations, glad I did. I know this information will help me. I refuse to take statins. Many thanks. 👏👏👏

  2. Dr.Joe, thank u, explanation with animated diagrams made it so clear. We understood why n how the solution to the problem works.You just made us feel that it is not difficult if u follow the proper diet. U did not frighten us.

    Can u please explain about soft lumps in the arm . How to treat them naturally or with home remedies?

    With due respect to the medical fraternity,, the doctors just complicate matters instead of helping to cure neatly. They suggest unwanted tests,scans n even surgery and pump us with all the medicines.

  3. hi doctor Joe,my cholesterol is very high and i have anxiety i can't go outside my house when i try to go for a walk every morning i feel am more sick .is there any help for this?

  4. Wow, no other doctor thought about this. Everything you said makes sense. My mom use to say that all the problems start in the stomach. Fix your stomach everything will be fixed.

  5. Our body makes the cholesterol that we need but humans increase the level of cholesterol through diet (by eating animal products and animal by-products) simply switch to a non processed anti inflammatory vegan diet and your cholesterol level will return to normal✌️✌️.

  6. Great info Dr. Joe, question :will this process also help a person with a fatty liver and long will it take to cleanse the liver? Thanks!!

  7. Thanks Doc, for this simple and clear explanation. Watch out for big pharma and their accomplices. They dont like the public being informed with money saving tips.

  8. I have been battling with high cholesterol & been on privastatin for like a year & am tired of this medication. Am 56yrs. Pls what can i do to lower it. Am conscious of what i eat but as African some food can't get out of our menu list.😂

  9. Thanks very much Dr Joe for your helpful health information.You mentioned strawberry as a good food to mop up bad cholesterol. This food is scarce in Nigeria, please provide your audience with alternative common foodstuffs in Nigeria that can play such tricks;knowing that strawberry is not common in Nigeria. Please, do this in your next video. Thanks while waiting for your next video on this subject.

  10. I’m glad ur back. Interesting information. I will do them because I not take those pills. Next video I want you to make is knee pain combined with calf pain.

  11. Makes perfect sense! Thank you! I have incorporated psyllium husks into my daily routine a couple times a day to help.

  12. You nailed it and im glad i been living it by using fibrous foods and red meat is bad really bad in stagnating your stomach think of a lions if you've seen their poop its like miniature golf balls only that its black
    So now you know

  13. I am diabetic, for fourteen years, and the changes that have been made to recommended foods has changed dramatically, eggs no good for you, now they are good for you, this just one example that go with the rest of there so called scientists, who dish out results that suit the sponsor of the research they are getting paid to do, and as scientists research tools improve extra research results change, not a big believer in science research, and there sponsors should be published along with there results,

  14. A very informative video. Transit time is really important in the pharmaceutical realm too /Pharmacokinetics, explains the efficacy and activity of drugs. Prolonged transit time might mean that acidic drugs will spend longer time /residence time in the acidic environment, the stomach, hence low activity of drug because the drug will become ionized. Ionized form of drug has low bioavailability, only the unionized firm of drug becomes absorbed. Weakly acidic drug are designed to be absorbed in the small intestines which has pH of 5-8, where basic drugs are absorbed in the stomach with low acidic pH of 1-3.5. Each of these do well at differing pH environment.
    Remember your Pharmacist advice to take certain drugs on empty stomach? Reason being that on empty stomach, the transit time decreases, hence lowers the contact / residence time. And consequently increase activity of drug.

    Interestingly, bile is a great surfactant/surface active agent.
    Interesting how the dynamics of this extends to clearing away your LDL when food enriched in soluble fibres are consumed.

  15. I like your eady to understand explanations. This is going to help. Coukd you sldo explain fibre food? I see fibre orvthreats in pineapple and ginger but not in apples.cpuld ypu help explain this

  16. My uncle's doctor advised him to include casava products in his diets. He was diagnosed as diabetic since 1999 and he's just fine!.Now I do the same especially as Nigerian foods are now very easy to get in England. And that plus daily fruits intake keeps reliably regular. Does it sound right to you, our good doctor sir?

  17. I think I know the food Dr. Joe is gonna tell us it starts with a P. This is another informative video the diagrams gives a good understanding of how cholest. Moves in our bowel

  18. Dr. Joe I'm on a pill already… How long can I see a difference on my labs after I start with the fiber on my regular diet ? Thank you again for your great info. 🙏🏽🌺

  19. Hi dr. Joe, can you please help me to lower my blood pressure with out medication. I'm so tired of taking pills and it's affecting my kidneys…please help your sister. Thanks 🤝

  20. May I ask what is the best sleeping position with someone with high BP? I have heard conflicting things on whether to sleep on the left or right side. Thank you so much!

  21. I get the concept, so how often should I expect the bowl movement to have a body with low LDL?
    Also, isn't bile secreted only when necessary for fat metabolism? That means very little secretion in my case due to low fat diet of WFPBD

  22. Doctor Joe, firstly i am from a country in the the Pacific. Iam your big fan now. Thank you so much for your videos it helped me alot.

  23. Great info as always Doctor. I needed this. Having high cholesterol issues now and not wanting to go on any pills. Thank you.

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