7 Things Cholesterol SECRETLY does to Your Body (Most Doctors don’t Know)

Has cholesterol gotten a bad rap, or is it as bad as the AHA tells us it is? The answer to this question is very important. We need to know what cholesterol is accused of, and what it actually does in our bodies.

Drug companies stand to make $$$$$ and so it stands to reason that the research they sponsor will show that cholesterol is bad and should be treated with their pills. Indeed, if their research did not show that then their board of directors would be very unhappy with the researchers.

Have we been told a lie about cholesterol? You decide…
Lies My Doctor Told Me:

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25 thoughts on “7 Things Cholesterol SECRETLY does to Your Body (Most Doctors don’t Know)

  1. Hi Dr Berry, my HDL is still low when I’ve been on keto for 15 months and lost 50 lbs. My triglycerides is 70+. LDL is higher as expected on keto. What can I do with my HDL? It’s still below the lower end of the range. Thanks!

  2. Which doctors don't know this ???? You're saying "most" !!! As if you're saying doctors are not doctors !!!!
    Pls answer this question : if vegans eat only plant based foods and dietary cholesterol is only from animal based foods, how do they survive and function ??? Let me see if u get the idea here ??
    Stop poisoning people minds and brains !!!!!!
    Am Board Certified and Consultant Internist in practice

  3. Hello, love your videos, my husband is 71 yo, 2 yrs ago, his cholesterol was 151, recently he had his yearly physical, blood work, cholesterol went up to 171, doctor wants to put him on drugs, he is not on any medication, now I have been on keto for 2 yrs, and love it, my husband didn’t know until now that’s how he was eating until now, lol, so my question is, I know as you get older your cholesterol get higher, what suggestion to give him to ease his doubt, he is very active person

  4. I try to keep politics out of inappropriate channels – but this is too much fun. I apologize in advance:
    Cholesterol: it is the Donald Trump of molecules. 🙂 Everyone keeps trying to make it evil – but it keeps saving America.
    Again… so very sorry.

  5. I received my blood test results yesterday. I haven't done this in a while.
    HDL Cholesterol : 423
    LDL Cholesterol : 326
    Triglycerides : 73
    My doctor is extremely worried and wants to put me on statins!
    Should I worry ??

  6. Ironic that immediately after Dr Berry’s excellent vid, a “cholesterol lowering” drug ad popped up.
    The lures are ubiquitous. Stay vigilant Dr Berry; we are listening

  7. I realize you're being sarcastic, but I'm afraid some people might not catch your sarcasm and take these points seriously.

  8. Just started reading your book. Been eating strict keto for 6 months, lost 50 lbs as of today, corrected my blood glucose, and increased both my HDL and LDL, but cut my triglycerides tremendously. I am thinking once I hit my goal (10 more lbs) and shift to maintenance keto, my LDL will stabilize. Can you address these sneaky tasks of cholesterol in terms of which component is functioning? Specifically I am hoping this LDL is just working overtime, with no plans to settle in and oxidize. What would you guess it's plans might be?

  9. Hahahaha! Love you! Can't wait to show my husband, who was just told he needs a statin, even without a complete blood breakdown!

  10. Dr. Berry, you have, in 6 minutes and 29 seconds managed to unwind an entire regimen meticulously laid out by my doctor. I have to confess, I have some unusual attributes. I am over 70. I have had a gastric resection (for a bleeding ulcer, which is cured these days with a pill). I have also embarked on the Keto diet. I am now taking Cholestramine to combat bile reflux, which, I now understand, neutralizes the bile, which I also now know is essential to life. I find myself in a forest without a compass. Any advice?

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