6 Best Secrets To Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally & Change Your Life

6 Best Secrets To Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally & Change Your Life. Here are 6 ways on how to easily reverse insulin resistance naturally that even a lot of doctors don’t know. These doctors think is not possible to reverse insulin resistance or it’s something you will have to live with for the rest of your life. They say you can’t cure it and the only treatment is weight loss, diet and exercise. But you can do something about it. If you don’t control insulin resistance it can lead to prediabetes then diabetes type 2 also called diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a serious health issue, so please reverse your insulin resistance now. By watching this video you can learn how to reverses your insulin resistance naturally with diet, intermittent fasting, exercise and more.



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35 thoughts on “6 Best Secrets To Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally & Change Your Life

  1. Learn more about Blood Sugar and ways to help lower your blood sugars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea4du9Cuwq0&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR6CaYJ5dM3AhXbIynbNvTli

  2. Hello dr Sten.
    I really appreciate your videos. Your effort for detail is much noticed and appreciated. Thank u!
    I have a question.
    If fat does not trigger insulin, and lets say i decide to eat a really big portion of pure fat, like butter. What does the body do with all that excess fat?
    Does it get stored? Or simply move slowly down the digestive system until it is gets out of the body?

  3. Thank you so much dr.Ekberg…I am a loyal follower of all your videos and I have learned so much…Me and my husband have even recovered from pre diabetes. Thank you so much

  4. The ad before every single Dr Ekberg video cracks me up. A guy who looks terrible promoting eating 700 carbs a day to fix diabetes.

  5. 1 thing I've been doing to help myself to stay on keto and 0 carb diet is, ( don't laugh , it works 🙂 ) I keep the youtube videos running when I'm home, just to listen the same thing over and over , "no sugar, no carb, insulin resistance, Keto, weight loss, liver health , intermittent fasting etc etc etc. this way i stay on track. i have done a few times 48 hours fasting, surprisingly i don't miss eating . I tryed 3 day fast, was hard, but did it, it wasn't the hunger that bothered me,it was the need to chew, I was going crazy.

  6. I am a clinician and provide education to patients. You explain everything so well!
    You also speak the truth about what we are taught! Thanks for your videos. They are excellent!!!

  7. After listening about 6 things not to do, I have no idea what I can do. Yes, I agree no sugar, no carbs. Then fast. But I don’t see what to eat instead! Keto seems to be like Atkins which was a disaster. Atkins himself died of obesity and heart failure. He looked terrible.

  8. This is the best explanation I've ever heard. Not even doctors have explained this so thoroughly to me. Now, I understand it and am doing exactly what you're suggesting, Dr. Ekberg.

  9. Do you have a diet or tips for women Wirth gestational diabetes? I can get it diet controlled with post prandial blood sugars but my fasting always seems to be on low 100s and not low 90s.

  10. Please do a video on PCOS as this is a major symptom of it and offer more great advice about it from a holistic point of view!

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