3 Photos Under a Frame Tutorial for ProShow Producer 4

In this 10 minute tutorial, you’ll learn how to add video backgrounds to a slide, loop them, add multiple photo layers and add a PNG or PSD frame. Then, using Keyframes, you’ll dissolve from one photo to the next; all in one slide, under the frame, over the video background!

Nguồn: https://banglasemantics.net/

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5 thoughts on “3 Photos Under a Frame Tutorial for ProShow Producer 4

  1. It's a good lesson
    I am using proshow producer GOLD 4.5,
    while I follw the instruction,
    I found I donnot have slide time at Effect > Motion effect.
    please help.
    my e-mail jackfong13@yahoo.com.hk.
    Thank You

  2. @ther51 I would try creating a video file out of ProShow, then upload that to YouTube, instead of going right out of ProShow

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