2019 Suzuki kingQuad 500 Test Review

For 2019, the Suzuki KingQuad 500 has received the most significant round of updates since the addition of power steering in 2009. Complementing updated styling, Suzuki has made a number of changes to the ATVs looking to enhance their overall performance and durability, while seemingly making minimal changes in the production process in their Rome, Georgia facility where the KingQuads are manufactured, helping keep price in check.

The KingQuad 500 delivers all the power most will ever need for work or play. Its engine has all of the power needed to easily reach its towing rating and it delivers good fun out on the trail. The beefed up frame should result in a tougher machine for years or hard work or play. The 500 gets the nod for delivering a small but noticeable improvement in handling predictability and suspension performance while retaining an agile nimble feeling.

In spite of its solid performance the 500 doesn’t have any one feature that really makes it stand out, aside from having one of the most expensive retail prices in its class. However, the KingQuad is built mostly in the USA. It comes with an impressive 1-year warranty, offers years of refinement, and attention to detail that the Japanese manufacturers are known for, all good reason for considering the updated 2019 Suzuki KingQuad 500.

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33 thoughts on “2019 Suzuki kingQuad 500 Test Review

  1. You should do a shootout vs the honda Rubicon since they're the only 500 machines with diff locks .

    Its a shame the yamaha dropped the diff lock from the kodiac 450

  2. I would like to see a comparison of the Outlander 570 vs the Sportsman 570. I have only seen the 500 L vs the Sportsman 570.

  3. As an ATV enthusiast who grew up on ATV's (Honda's/Yamaha's/Polaris) I love your channel. I feel like there is a major void of ATV content in the motor sports industry as a whole right now with side by sides dominating. I personally don't care for SxS's. I'd love to see an updated video on the Polaris Sportsman 850 with power steering. I feel like great deals can be had on them (got my 2018 Sportsman 850 SP Camo for $8,730 with a 3500lb winch with synethic rope so it would'e been cheaper) vs the 1000 and it hasn't been properly reviewed by anyone since it was updated in 2017. Also, I'm hoping Honda and Yamaha introduces a new big bore Rincon and Grizzly for 2020. I have it on good authority it's happening (FINALLY) for Honda this year (hearing 850). I really hope Yamaha finally updates the Grizzly. Thanks for all these awesome video's you do and please keep them coming.

  4. It would be nice if manufacturers would just tell California to F**k off once and for all. Fuel evaporation standards? Now I’ve heard it all!

  5. Only folks that buy this KingQuad 500 are Suzuki loyalists. Cost and marginal overall performance will not attract new folks to the brand…IMHO. GREAT video!!

  6. Be fun to see a project on a Kingquad or Bruteforce or even a Sportsman 570 similar to the Grizzly you did a few years back. Just some bolt on and goodies for fast trailriding……..keep up the good work, the best unbiased reviews there is.

  7. Great review.

    Overall doesn't seem like too many changes. With that said, still seems like a a good, basic, reliable 500.

  8. Love my 2019 king quad 500axi so far it’s been great, only problem I’ve had happened twice when you turn the key on you get a fi code and it won’t start just cycle the key and it went away.
    Installed a plow and a warn winch used it all winter with no problem.
    Tried to drag race the wife on her 2018 Yamaha Grizzly 700 she gets the jump about two quad lengths ahead but after that I keep up but not gain any ground.
    Runs cool in the trails we ride slow and that overheats a lot of machines but the Suzuki has no problem unlike the Yamaha 700 that gets hot and shuts down.
    Overall a great machine would definitely recommend buying one

  9. Even though not really changed a lot since 2005 the KQ500 & 750 are still a very well made ATV. I had the least issues with my 08 750 than any other sport utility quad I have ever owned. Like to see a back up recoil on the engine, something we don't see nowadays in case of a spent battery out on the trail. I shimmed the primary on my 750 to lower the high range gearing a little bit to have better response at low speed trails without having to stop and use Low range too much imo. I sent out the secondary and had it machined from a popular online forum with a lot of Suzuki's years ago. It brought the top speed back up that I lost from shimming the primary and kept the extra grunt down low in H range. I also prefer the Suzuki clutch set up even better than Yamaha's centrifugal clutch set up. Reason is the weights were non greased and no build up of dust and crud in the grease like with the Yamaha over time..Less maintenance basically. While not the off the line powerhouse of my previous Prairie 700 the KQ was better in every other way…

  10. Couldn't agree more with your opinion of metal racks. I HATE plastic! Can Am and Po seriously need to dump that junk.

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