2019 Official US Citizenship Test Questions & Answers | RANDOM & Single EASY Answer Mobile Friendly

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To make it easier for you to remember, we provided only 1 simple answer for each question in this video.

Here are the official questions and answers for the civics test (history and government) of your US Citizenship Test.
Get the list of questions and answers in pdf here:

They are updated as of 2019.01.01
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The civics test is an oral test and the USCIS Officer will ask the applicant up to 10 of the 100 civics questions. An applicant must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test.

Question 20 resource for your Senators:
Question 23 resource for your Representatives:
Question 43 resource for your Governor:
Question 44 resource for your State Capital:

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48 thoughts on “2019 Official US Citizenship Test Questions & Answers | RANDOM & Single EASY Answer Mobile Friendly

  1. What I was stopped for car seat violation (charge for child endangerment for my 3children) will this affect me to become a citizen?

  2. l lpve this video thanks for teaching us my citizen ship interviw is on octuber 30 and i hope so i want to pas my test

  3. I’m so thankful with all of your videos..
    They are the best..
    I been study for a month every single day and I did passed my test yesterday!!
    The officer was really nice!!
    Thanks again.

  4. I made a mistake on form N400, I supposed to say NO on question= Have you EVER claimed to be a U.S. citizen (in writing or any other way) I supposed to say NO but I marked Yes, are they any way I can fix it before my interview on Sept 30 ? please help.

  5. I passed the citizenship interview this week! Civics test was really easy for me thanks to this video. I would have the video on but not look at the screen and just orally answer each question – did this over and over leading up to the interview. I also watched other videos by US Citizenship Test.org and they were all helpful as I was preparing for the interview/test. Thank you!!

  6. Hola y felicidadez!!oyes cuando. preguntan por donde entrastes o como entrastes a este pais que contesta uno? Por que. En algunas entrevistas mire que eso preguntaban pero la. Respuesta era que esas personas las mandaron pedir con visa osea entraron legal a este pais.

  7. Greetings everyone,
    I want to thank you very much for all you videos they help me so much. Today I had my interview and test and I passed 😁 I just want to say to those who are having their interview soon to study, and watch these videos they will help you a lot.
    Also be confident you will pass as long as you study and answer truthfully you will do fine.
    Again thank you very much for all the help you provide with these videos.

  8. If I have saw this first I will only study for this because she makes a really easy 😊 anyway I did pass my citizenships test last week 😊

  9. I would like to say thank you! to God🙏🙌, to U.S citizenship.
    Org, for this videos they help me a alot👍🏼❤❤🙏 I watched and listened all your videos👀👂I passed my citizenship interview yesterday 7/12/19. First we got to USCI office, went through the secure detector. I checked it in, I gave them my appointment letter and ID,. Everything was fast basically he was waiting for me😊 the USCI officer was so nice, friendly he make me feel comfortable🙏🏼😇, he went straight, he said raise your right hand, you swear to say the truth. Then he told me to looked at the camera took a picture then finger printed,. Asked me to read on the table, who can vote? Then he said now write, the citizens can vote, and I passed the reading and writing
    process,. Then we went to civic questions, he asked 6 random questions and I answered all correct. Then we went through the N400 questions, asked me my personal live, I said my name, where I was living, my children, if Im marry, and yes, no questions. Basically my friends if you know your live and you writing with the truth you'll be good, my advice is listening to this videos over and over, memorizing all the 100 questions because u don't know what question they will ask u.😊 👍🏻

    So guys good luck on your interview, just be prepared and be confident that you'll be pass.😊🙏🙌
    Thank you!!❤❤

  10. Hi guys, I passed my citizenship interview yesterday, this video was such a great help since it asks you the questions randomly just like in your real interview. Just study the civics questions and ALL your answers to the N-400 form, specially dates, and make sure you remain calm!

  11. Thanks. I pass my citizenship interview today. It was fast , just study good the dates on the application. They ask me about last two trips outside United States and about my house. She ask me only 6 Questions, thanks for the videos helps a lot.

  12. Hi, I have a interview on September 12th. I would like know if my family can come with me? And please pray for me, I'm so exciting but nervous. I been listening this video all the time. I'm confident that I'll pass it. I just believe in God and my self. Thank you for the video

  13. Hello, I have a question number 44 in the form written in it yes and supposed to be no what to do
    The lawyer is the one who wrote the form and interviewed a week later what to do please help me😭

  14. Hello I will have my interview within 3 weeks but I'm applying the N-400 as Spouses of U.S. Citizens Employed Abroad, so I'm living overseas but will fly to US for my interview anyone have experience with same case please?

  15. I have a question someone help please. When a question has more than 1 answer do we need to provide all the answers? I know some of the questions say name 1 or 2. But if there is more than 1answer do we need to provide all of them?

  16. Thanks God today I passes my citizenship interview…… I just wait for my notice in the mail,but how long take this step?

  17. tengo mi entrevista el 12 de septiembre estoy nerviosa pero con Dios la pasaré … slo me tardó 4 meses , yo se k este video me va ayudar

  18. El día de hoy pasé mi exámen de ciudadania. Fué de mucha ayuda su material, fue de lo que más de todo estudié. Gracias por su video. Sus preguntas son rápidas, sencillas y fáciles de recordar.

  19. I am happy because I passed my citizenship interview on August 1th 2019,😊 thank you this videos, I am really excited about this and I want to tell you please, listening this video all the time before your test, its helpful. Officer started with one easy reading sentence and an easy writing sentence (the first president was George Washington)after that he asked me all questions about N400 and 10 civics questions, I answered all of them correctly. I was talking with the officer around 15 minutes. Sorry, but I can't told you that was easy, for me was hard but successful. God blessing you! God bless America

  20. Uffff estoy nerviosa tengo mi entrevista 14 de agosto en 6 días y estoy bien nerviosa solo de pensar 🙃pero siento q este video me terminará de ayudar a responder mas simple las preguntas Gracias al dueño del canal 🙏🏽

  21. Yesterday I passed my interview and the tests. Quite nervous but excited. The officer was nice.
    My answers to the 6 questions was:
    Donald Trump
    Mike Pence
    Japan, Germany and Italy
    Checks and balances
    27 amendments

    He asked me to write “There are fifty states”

    And first portion was he asked about my N-400 application.

    I thank and praise God for answering my prayers. God is great and faithful.

    Thank you for this video it helped me a lot as I always use this to listen and review.

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