2019 Ford Edge ST – Review & Road Test

While this Ford Edge only sees a mid-cycle refresh Ford has taken then opportunity to add some, well, edge to the Edge. Does the ST badging live up to the name? Micah Muzio from Kelley Blue Book has all the answers as usual.

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20 thoughts on “2019 Ford Edge ST – Review & Road Test

  1. Ford if your reading this Recall my ford edge my transmission went out recall them IAM not the first person to complain

  2. Much better review then “ TFL “ I own the 2019 Ford Edge ST and love it, However for a SUV it’s in a league of its own!, You can’t compare Ford Edge ST because it’s not a car! to the Fiesta ST and the Ford Focus ST because of the ST badging which is the wrong approach, Now compare the Ford Edge ST to other SUV on the market? How do you think the Ford Edge ST would do then for the same money?, For me this was the prefect vehicle because I didn’t need a F150 but I love the performance of the Mustang GT, The Ford Edge ST is prefect because it gives me the best of both worlds!, This is a good review I specially like that you showed that the rear seats recline well done!

  3. Why is the center stack full of icky cheap plastic ? For the ST, I'd expect more tasteful materials on the center stack, like red suede on the perimeter of the center stack, and aluminum trim on buttons.

  4. Ford still has yet to master their electronic inefficient problems. Tailgate not responding to foot activation, self parking feature is inaccurate. You pay for the features and they don’t work. Why would I pay for this?

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