2017 4Runner TRD PRO 2 Year LONG TERM Review: Do I regret buying it? Am I selling it?

Today I’m finally posting the 2 year long term review of my 2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. I had ordered this at the end of 2016 and received it in March of 2017… so, I guess I’ve actually had it for 2 years and 2 months. In this video I address several topics; first is the review of any mechanical issues, next is discussion of all components (interior and exterior) and how well they’ve held up, after that is my average gas mileage, then discussion on towing with a 4Runner, and last is the big questions. That being, “Do I regret buying my 4Runner TRD Pro,” in addition to, “Would I buy my 4Runner again,” and lastly, “Am I selling my 4Runner.” What are your thoughts on the 4Runner? Fan or not? The TRD Pro is definitely an expensive package, but it holds it’s value better than any other 4Runner model.

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33 thoughts on “2017 4Runner TRD PRO 2 Year LONG TERM Review: Do I regret buying it? Am I selling it?

  1. If people don’t like toilet humour they can choose not to watch. Just as many viewer enjoy the toilet humours. It’s a YouTube channel, people have no right to treat it like a high school classroom (actually a HS classroom is much more toilet).

  2. those stone chips, normally i get it in the winter when they drop sand and salt on the road and also if you follow to closely on other vehicles / trucks (specially dump trucks carrying gravel).

  3. I bought my 2016 4Runner Trail (now called "Off-Road" for newbies) as a new (had 124 on the ODO) leftover during Memorial Day Weekend back in 2017. I just got my 80K Mile Servicing done. Only issue that I've had is that the driver seat is ripped at the seat due to me "sliding" out of the door (as you mentioned at 5:45) when I leave instead of using the OEM running board to step out of the vehicle hahaha (lazy mode always activated). That's it. Nothing else. Toyota is boringly reliable. My wallet shares its gratitude!

  4. my off-road trail 2019 4runner have the same setup inside.. does feel out of date but my tacoma was in a acident in decemeber so i picked up the 4runner anyways… not sure if the 2020 is any better.

  5. If you want more performance, you can put on a TRD cold air intake and exhaust! Just did that to my 2019 Tacoma TRD Off Road and I do notice a difference in power!

  6. Holy crap 40k and looks like that! What is your detail regiment? You wash every other day? You use armor all on everything?

  7. South coast of Texas, 275's, 16-16.5mpg in town and 17.5-19mpg on the highway. Throw in a head wind or even a crosswind and I have seen as low as 13.5-14mpg. Lift it and toss on 33's or 34's without rehearing and expect 12-14mpg full time. It's definitely not the most efficient vehicle but that can be said for the majority of Toyota's lineup. I love our LX570 as well and "might" replace the 4Runner with a Land Cruiser in the next few years.

  8. Hey thanks for the update. Definitely can use power boost otherwise great SUV. I am considering buying new one 2020 but there rumors of redesign in 2021 so not sure if worthy the wait. If I heard correctly you bought it new around 42k?. I was liking at the TRD off-road with premium pkg and KDSS, I think close to same price? Any thoughts or suggestions.

  9. I’m in the market for a 2019 4Runner TRD Pro! Moving away from the GM product line after 20 years and great 1500 trucks, but just tired 😓 of the shitty interior and small things breaking !

  10. I have a 17 4R SR5 Premium and I've driven the 19 Taco. Unless you absolutely need a truck bed the 4R is a far superior vehicle IMO. I agree that the dash info system in the Taco would be a nice upgrade for the 4R though. My 4R has been flawless as well and I just turned 40K.

  11. Picking up a TRD Pro 4 Runner tomorrow. Last of the Voodoo Blue models. Spent all afternoon in the dealership. Even when there is no financing they waste hours of your time and try and squeeze in BS charges..

  12. Raves about reliability then wants to trade it in after 3 or 4 years lol. Come on man, thats about all these still have going for them. Well that and resale.

  13. I want one . I’m afraid of gas mileage though. I’m in California with all the liberals and these gas prices/taxes are crazy.

  14. Driving on rural roads destroyed by flooding, sugar cane trucks, and lack of road maintenance in south Louisiana I have found that no other vehicle I have ever owned can hold a candle to my limited trim 2003 4runner 2wd v8 with 197,XXX miles. Original shocks, springs, tie rods, tie rod ends, and ball joints. Only suspension component that has been replaced are the sway bar end links. The truck has spent its life on these roads. My VIN tag is stamped with a birthday of Dec 2002 and so coming up on 17 years this Dec logic tells me that I should only replace it with a newer 4runner. Thank you so much for your honest and thorough comments and coverage of the paint and windshield issues. As for the 4.0 v6, I drove a 5th gen and the v6 felt underwhelming compared to my old v8. I agree with your observation on the need for more torque. I would also like your input on whether a luxury SUV suspension tuned for comfort (such as my OEM 2wd limited setup) or an off-road SUV suspension (such as your 4×4 PRO) is better for daily driving on horrible roads. What’s more comfortable and durable? Thank you!

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