47 thoughts on “12 Bài Tập Lưng Xô To Rộng Hiệu Quả Cho Dân Thể Hình

  1. This is pretty stupid wasting time and money because without chemicals you'll never achieve such a body, I frankly prefer to be more like a gymnast, I wonder how many of this guys are able to lift the same weight with 50,60 or 70 years old, without taking chemicals blusheet I mean???

  2. DO NOT DO BEHIND THE NECK!!! I herniated 2 discs in my neck doing that . It was medium weight at best and its been 10 months since the injury. It has been the worst injury of my life and extremely life changing, especially being only 30…. there are plenty of other exercises you can do.

  3. Muchachos saben como areglar la postura sino que tengo un hueso hacia afuera de la parte derecha del brazo ayudemen porfavor😢😢😢

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